Handling Stress During JEE Preparation

The word stress is practically synonymous to JEE preparation! Why? Because it is a common problem for many students during their JEE preparation time.

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Due to stress, many of you lose confidence in yourselves and give up. Stress also affects your time management, which is arguably the most important thing during your JEE preparation. Intense stress can make many of you panic, shutdown, and start wasting your time. Others commit silly mistakes, and are affected by stress unknowingly during their JEE preparation.

So the very first question which should pop up in your mind now is how to handle this stress, and remain mentally stable while studying for this exam, which holds so much in the balance. Well, what do you do now to control your stress?

Tips for Stress Management

Here are some tips which you should follow to control your stress and remain productive during your JEE preparation.

Whenever you feel that you are really stressed during your JEE preparation, it is important to find ways to relax and stay cool. How do you do this? Well, it varies from person to person.


Some of you may like playing games, like anything like carrom board, chess, and billiards to table tennis. If you like reading just go with novels. They will refresh your mind a lot. While such games and reading don’t require physical exertion, for some, they are calming, refreshing, and will help you remain mentally stable.

You can also take the more physical route. Go for a casual long walk so that your mind can relax and your body will get a physical release. If you want, try yoga or some other slow and steady movement like Tai Chi. These movement oriented activities are a great way for many of you to handle stress and stay refreshed. They also help you to stay fit and just simply feel better!

Talk to Someone

You can also simply talk to your parents or friends who will motivate you, and share their experiences with you. Motivation can help you handle stress. It helps you focus more on your goal than on the fear or stress. The more motivated your are, the more confident you are. This confidence and motivation are critical during JEE preparation. Toppers don’t let fear or stress get the best of them. So stay motivated and be confident.

Also, talk to your seniors who cleared the JEE and secured a decent rank. They will help you tremendously! Talking to people who have been where you are, have done what you’re doing, and succeeded can really help you remain strong while studying for this monster of an exam! They are living proof that there is life on the other side, and that will help with your perspective and confidence during your JEE preparations.

Here Are Some Additional Tips for Effectively Handling Stress

  • Perform physical exercise: This could be in the form of sports like cricket, basketball, badminton, etc. Remember, a healthy body leads to a sharp mind.
  • Don’t procrastinate: If you do things on time and stick to your schedule, you will feel much more confident of your preparation and that will automatically reduce stress.
  • Get ample sleep: Sleep for a minimum of 7 hours on a daily basis. This will ensure that your mind works properly, leading to lower stress levels.

By following the above suggestions you will experience far less stress during your JEE preparation, and perform well in your JEE exam. All the best!

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