Handling Negative Marking in the JEE

With the latest trends and drastic changing patterns of the examinations, cracking the JEE has become even tougher. Students have to be very attentive while attempting the exam because of the JEE negative marking system. Don’t take negative marking lightly, as it can scrunch your marks. One can easily drop hundreds of ranks just by losing a single mark.

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Some Don’ts

  1. Don’t play a game of chance by choosing an option just because you ‘feel’ that it is the right one.
  2. Another source of negative marks are the silly mistakes committed during the examination. JEE paper setters are the some of the smartest people in the country. Don’t fall into their traps! They try to trick students by changing the units and dimensions of the variables and make opinions accordingly. So, read the question and opinions carefully.
  3. Don’t get overconfident and excited when you see an easy question. It can be a tricky question in disguise.
  4. Don’t spend too much time at the beginning of the paper, maintain uniform speed while attempting the questions.
  5. Don’t stick to the strategy you prepared. Allow some relaxation in your strategy and adapt according to the exam pattern.
  6. Don’t panic. It will only lead to blunders. Relax, have patience, and concentrate on the task at hand.

Tips and tricks

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  1. Read the instructions carefully and understand the examination pattern.
  2. Read the question cautiously and then select the option carefully.
  3. Attempt a question only if you are sure of scoring in it. I would suggest leaving a question if you are unsure about the answer. Remember there is no negative marking for an unanswered question.
  4. If you are trying out your luck, then make intelligent guesses.
    1. Try to eliminate options by calculating the range of the answer. This trick mostly works in chemistry.
    2. In physics, see the units and dimensions of the options. Eliminate the options having incorrect dimensions before making an assumption. This process will increase the probability of making a correct guess.
  5. Don’t be greedy. While attempting a multiple choice question, mark only the options you are sure of. Remember, you may lose two marks instead of scoring some marks.
  6. Fill the OMR sheet with utmost care. Bubbling mistakes are one of the greatest regrets in a student’s life. This mistake is a free giving away of marks.

Following the tips and suggestions above should help you to prevent getting a lot of negative marks in your exam.

I hope this blog helped!

All the best!

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