Dropping a Year for JEE: How to Make the Most of Your Drop Year

Dropping a year for JEE requires a lot of courage and this decision is very crucial for every aspirant. Various doubts and questions arise in the minds of aspirants during making this decision.

Finally, the most important thing at the end of drop year isn’t the results that one gets. Rather, it is the overall development that a student undergoes during the drop year that really matters. Every aspirant has a lot of doubts when it comes to dropping a year for JEE since the drop year seems like a do or die situation. Thus, knowing how to make the most of your drop year is of utmost importance.

Things need to be set in a proper schedule right from the start. During the drop year, the aspirant doesn’t have to attend school and has to focus completely on JEE only. Thus, a proper regular pattern of study needs to be formed so that you can follow it throughout without getting drained or bored in the middle.

Decide your mode of study: ‘Coaching or Self-study?’

This is the first step towards setting your schedule right. Many aspirants prefer self-study during drop year since during this year, they don’t want to get confused or get affected by any external factors. They just wish to trust themselves and manage things themselves. This also happens when student’s trust from coaching institutes is lost due to their experiences of class 11 and class 12. Thus, if you feel you want to do it on your own and you have sufficient means of doubt clearance, then you can opt for self-study. Just make sure to stick to your schedule throughout and join a test series to gauge your progress.

However, a large chunk joins coaching institutes for JEE preparation during the drop year since it gives aspirants a more secure feeling as they know that a coaching institute will help them in things like timely course completion and in sticking to the schedule. So if you opt for a coaching institute, make a wise choice and give ample time to self-study too. Get all your doubts cleared and make sure you don’t waste much time before and after the coaching.

Choose the right books!

Since you have already experienced JEE and you know what books you had used and what went wrong, you should use your experience in making good choices. Choose a good set of books for JEE Main and JEE Advanced and follow them entirely from the beginning till the end. Don’t run for quantity in this case and prefer quality.

You can use one book for each subject along with your coaching material, in case you take coaching. Otherwise, you will be needing more books since you would be understanding the theory yourself. Thus, analyze your situation and decide upon a set of books that would best suit you.

Make a less draining schedule

Don’t overburden yourself in the initial days as that might demotivate or distract you. Motivation is very important in the drop year since most of your friends have left and you have more pressure on you. Thus, set small targets and once you are done with them expand your targets. This will give you a feeling of satisfaction and will give you a good speed in some time.

Give proper time to each topic as absorbing every little detail is important. Don’t consider any topic too easy or think that you can skip it as you have done it previously. Drop year is meant to correct yourself in every possible way so, start from extreme basics and don’t skip things. Keep one day per week for revision as you need to remember all that you study. Keeping these points in the mind would help you in setting a time table that you can religiously follow.

Focus on improvement instead of results

Don’t run for results. Many aspirants just keep on calculating their possible ranks and waste a lot of time in judging their results.

Results are not the thing to consider while you are dropping a year for JEE. Your main target should be to excel and do better than what you have been doing. If you give 10 mock tests, just keep in mind that you need to improve with each passing test. If you start thinking in this direction you will learn how to stay positive and become better always. This strategy would help you in the long run.

Even if you are not able to make it to the top but have improved, your results won’t depress since improvement was your aim. This will help you stay focused and will prevent you from getting nervous too.

Focus more on practice rather than theory and rote learning

Many aspirants keep on doing theory and in the end, they are unable to apply their learned concepts because of the same. Dropping a year for JEE should make you extra cautious in everything. The more you will practice, the more confident you will become. Also, aspirants are generally more nervous in their drop year and so, more practice is needed to get on the right track. This will also help you in fighting pressure during the exam.

With the help of the above points, you should be able to complete your syllabus on time with a proper understanding of concepts. Once that is done, you should give lots of mock tests for JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Practice lots of miscellaneous questions of each kind so that you are prepared for any paper pattern. Do the past year’s papers as mock tests too to get an idea of the actual exam.

Don’t make assumptions or underestimate yourself. Maintain a decent level of confidence and remember to stay focused throughout your JEE preparation. Tell yourself daily that you can do it. Definitely dropping a year for JEE is not easy, but it teaches you a lot in the long run. All the best!

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