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Hello! Hope you are having a great time with your studies! Is JEE self-study a good idea? The concept of coaching as a means of studying has grown enormously these days. A lot of students you will find preparing for the JEE are enrolled in some reputable institute. At the same time, there are a lot of people who, owing to several factors, consider studying for the JEE themselves as an option.

Are there differences in the ways the aforementioned two categories of students prepare? Indeed there are, there are differences in everyone’s way of studying. But does it mean that the student self-studying for the JEE is at a loss? Or conversely, does the student studying at a coaching institute have an upper hand? In my opinion, no!

In my opinion, it hardly matters where you study. What is important is how sincere you are towards your studies. A student using JEE self-study may perform much better than those who have been taking coaching for years. That is, provided he/she utilizes the resources well, and plans his/her studies efficiently, giving due importance to every aspect ranging from physical fitness to a cool and composed mind. But the problem is, the so-called hype created in the market by the coaching institutes baffles us. Students are made to believe that they can’t crack the exam on their own, and so-called, special guidance from top-notch teachers of the subject is inevitable. So, let us try to look at the pros and cons of both joining a Coaching Institute and self-studying for the JEE, one at a time.

Coaching Institutes



The main plus point of how a coaching institute helps you in preparing for the JEE is that it gives you a direction to prepare. Almost every institute preparing students for the most coveted engineering entrance exam of the nation has a well-designed curriculum to be followed over the span of the teaching period. Now, as there is a time-bounded course structure, you can be assured of timely completion of the syllabus along with regular tests and quizzes, both on a national and local basis.

A Sound Competitive Environment

The second advantage of coaching is that you get to know people around you, their strengths, weaknesses, and their approach towards studies. But how do these things affect you? Well, if taken in a positive sense it can give you perspective. You can improve yourself by noticing others’ strengths and weaknesses, coming out of your comfort zone, pushing your limits and achieving much more than you anticipated.

Teacher Access

Lastly, the factor which a JEE self-study student would probably lack is one-to-one interactions with teachers. This is beneficial for timely resolution of doubts and gaining insights about one’s progress, strengths, etc. Coaching institutes have an upper hand here as the students seeking their guidance generally have a proper system where one can get their doubts–both academic and non-academic–answered.


False Sense of Security

The major drawback of joining a coaching institute is that it may give you a false sense of security that you will clear the exam at ease just because you are enrolled in so-and-so institute.

This is utterly false. A coaching institute just acts as a catalyst, thereby lowering the activation energy (the amount of hard work required) needed to reach your desired destination. Unless and until you put up the required hard-work that’s expected out of a serious JEE aspirant, the coaching institute is just good for nothing.


The second point is that it is quite possible that you will not be able to keep up with the pace at which things are being taught at the institute. Or even if you can, you may not be able to perform to the extent you wish due to any factor: be it poor examination temperament or something else.

This might lead you to a condition where you feel like quitting preparation for the JEE. The excess peer-pressure can overwhelm you. So it is very important not to lose confidence at this stage. Almost everyone goes through a phase in their preparation where they feel like quitting, but quitting is never the answer. You can do this!

So, we’ve discussed what a coaching institute “promises to provide” and how much they actually do provide. (Please keep in mind when looking at statistics provided by these coaching institutes, these statistics must be interpreted. The results they show are 90% students’ hard-work coupled with 10% of their valuable support.) But now, let’s look at why self-studying for the JEE is a very good option and its importance shouldn’t be undermined.

Self-Study for the JEE


You Are Your Own Master

That is, you are free to study at your own pace. You are free to devote as much time as you wish to a particular subject or a particular topic. It is highly possible that you may not be able to grasp things at the pace a teacher teaches. But here you are free to proceed at exactly your own pace. You can speed through the concepts that you already know (saving valuable time), and slow down for concepts that you are struggling with.

No Unnecessary Peer Pressure.

Although some form of it is necessary to keep the fire to crack JEE burning within you, it can turn negative. For instance, students can either not feel the pressure at all, or take it as an unnecessary burden–both of which are harmful. You, as a self-studying student, are free from this pressure!

Time Management

One major factor supporting self-study for the JEE is that most students attend regular schools at the +2 level. I don’t criticize this system as it greatly helps in developing discipline in students. However, this hardly leaves them with any time to attend coaching classes or manage time between school and coaching effectively. The best option can be self-studying–as it saves a lot of time. Time that is otherwise wasted in just commuting from one place to another instead of studying.



The major drawback of self-studying is lack of proper doubt removal. You need to put some extra effort to get your doubts cleared up. However, with the advent of a lot of learning resources online and some very good correspondence courses, there is hardly any issue which can’t be fixed online.

No Competition

You won’t get the feel of classroom competition when you self-study, but here is where Test Series comes into the picture. They are a set of scientifically designed test papers. Their purpose is to give you the required proper exposure to the exam pattern, thereby helping to develop a sound examination temperament.

There will be instances where you will feel demotivated with no one to guide you. But this is the beauty of JEE self-study. In the long run, in college and even after that, you have to do things alone–there will be hardly anyone to support you. This is what self-studying for the JEE teaches you.

Summing It Up

So after examining all major aspects of both coaching and self-studying, I think it’s clear that success on the JEE is independent of what mode of preparation you adopt. Getting a high JEE rank boils down to how much effort you put into your studies. Don’t be nervous if you are not going to a coach and studying on your own. You have got a large chunk of time on your hands. Pick up any renowned study material or some standard books meant for the JEE and try to read, understand, and solve the questions on your own.

On the other hand, if you go to a coaching institute, take this as an opportunity to fine-tune yourself as much as possible. Make sure to extract the best of what the institute offers, work smart, keep learning, and you will surely ace the JEE.

Cheers and all the Best!

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