What Are the Best Revision Packages for JEE Prep?

JEE is the most important exam for almost every engineering aspirant in India. It is not only widely given but also has a great craze among students. Thus, students are extra cautious while preparing for JEE and seek excellent guidance for the same. Timely syllabus completion and revision of the entire syllabus are equally important for having the perfect preparation for JEE. Thus, choosing the right kind of review material for JEE is very important. Here, I will discuss the various good revision packages for JEE which you can use to strengthen your preparation.

JEE Main takes place in the month of April and since it is before all other engineering entrances, a lot of focus is given on it in a very detailed manner. For JEE Advanced, a lot of conceptual thinking and a proper revision of the concepts is needed. The first thing for a proper revision strategy for JEE is, choosing the proper set of revision packages and then deciding the order of doing these chosen packages. Here, I will provide a comprehensive list of materials that should be used for JEE Mains and JEE Advance revision:

Coaching material

A large number of coachings provide JEE review packages as a part of their DLPD as well as their classroom programs. These packages consist a lot of helpful material and give a good revision just before JEE.

  • Resonance: This coaching provides a great and wholesome review material for JEE. The set of packages for review consist of a formula booklet which consists of both JEE Main and JEE Advance formulas all combined.

    The set also consists of rank boosters which have a lot of part-wise questions. The rank booster books are separate for JEE Main and JEE Advance. These books have a great variety and mix of totally relevant questions for JEE.

    Apart from these, the set also has past year’s papers for JEE Main and JEE Advanced and with every past year paper, there is a paper which is similar to that particular past year paper.

    The best inclusion of their revision set is a weightage analysis booklet which compares various years’ papers and gives a rough estimate of the weightage analysis of several years’ papers. Resonance helps students a lot through these review packages for JEE by giving them all that they need for review during the last few months of preparation.

  • FIITJEE: This coaching also provides study materials specific to revision for JEE. The most famous part of their review material is the Grand Master’s Package, popularly known as GMP. It is widely used by aspirants. It has a great mix of questions of all types and levels. The tougher portions of this package help the students dive deeper into the topics for a better understanding of the topic. Apart from this, there are archives and separate problem sets too, for rank improvement. However, some students find it very tough and some concepts might be too tough for JEE level so such questions must be filtered out and left while doing this package to avoid wastage of time and unnecessary pressure.

  • Bansal: This coaching provides its revision material with the name of Bansal Master Problem Package (BMPP). The material is good from JEE Mains point of view and it seems a bit easy from the JEE Advance perspective. The material has theory too along with questions which comes as an added advantage as most coachings do not provide theory material in their review packages.

  • Aakash: This institute also gives a decent and exhaustive question bank for revision for JEE. The success magnet books that they provide have a good variety of questions and are very beneficial if used to their full potential. Success achiever package is also built along similar lines but still, the success magnet continues to be the more popular one of the two. Their review material lacks theory and so their review package can be used for question practice based revision only.

Among all the materials that I listed above, Resonance is the best choice since their package has the best combination of theory, examples and unsolved practice problems. The formula booklet is the best part of their review material which helps in the last minute revision of concepts and formulas.

Books and Online Material

A number of publications give great review materials for JEE. They provide a lot of choices in terms of theory and practice books. Here I will list out the best books that you can use, to make the best use of the last few months before the JEE exam.

  • Arihant Publications: Arihant provides a large number of revision specific books like formula books, crash course (40 days) books, handbooks, concept map books, archives and review test paper books for JEE. The variety helps each student select a book that one specifically wants. Also, the books are relevant from both JEE Main and Advance point of view.

    The memory map books are excellent for last minute revision of concepts. The 40-day crash course books for JEE Main help those students who just want to clear JEE Main and decide to go for it and start after their board exams end. Thus Arihant tries to help students for all their revision related book needs in a near perfect way.

    The NCERT exemplars by Arihant are also a great tool for revision before JEE Mains. These exemplars come with solutions to all questions and also consist of tips and tricks for remembering various concepts. The theory of all JEE Main chapters is aptly covered through lots of questions in these books.

  • MTG: This publication is famous for it’s to the point theory and relevant questions for JEE and BITSAT both. The JEE champion book series of MTG is also very beneficial for the students. The books of this series consist of past year’s questions that were asked in various engineering entrances.

    The books are subject wise and helps students in getting an overview of the kind of preparation that each exam would require. It puts forward the frequently asked questions from various topics to help students in getting an idea of the importance of different chapters for JEE. These books help in the final revision for JEE as well as other engineering entrances.

  • Askiitians.com: This website gives a number of revision notes, practice tests and sample problems for JEE. The revision notes are good and can be used by students to remember important concepts and formulas. By referring to their notes you would also be able to identify any points that you might have previously missed while studying on your own. This website also provides NCERT solutions in a PDF form.

A number of other websites like simplylearnt, toppr, examrace, plancess etc. also provide review notes and memory maps for revision for JEE. Sites like embibe, doprep and tcyonline can be used for giving mock tests online. Mock tests are an integral part of a proper revision strategy for JEE. Most of these sites give free mock tests too. Thus, try free papers from as many sites as you want and then finally choose the best website for yourself.

One must go through all the available resources that aid revision for JEE and finally decide upon the best ones. Doing a lot of papers helps and sticking to a particular set of notes is highly recommended. Seeing notes from different places might confuse you. You can pick notes from one place and make additions to it and customize them according to your needs. Once that is done you will have the perfect JEE revision notes. Try giving at least a month to full-fledged revision so that you are able to know which portions you need to revise more and which ones you are perfect at. Don’t panic and make the best use of the last few days or months.

All the best!

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