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What Are the Best Books for JEE Main?

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JEE Main is one of the toughest exams in India, and getting a top rank in it is every engineering student’s dream. If you want an awesome rank in the JEE Main, it is important to do your JEE preparation in the right way. To achieve your goals, all you need is motivation, patience, dedication, and perseverance. You should be ready to put in a huge amount of hard work throughout the entire duration of your JEE preparation.

The Right Books Are Important

The importance of having the right books for preparation is something that cannot be emphasized enough. It is important to study theory from the book that explains it clearly. This negates the need to look to other books for clearing doubts that arise due to ambiguous explanations in lesser books. It saves time and frustration.

It is also important to practice solving problems from books that have a nice collection of high quality problems. If you don’t solve good quality problems, it will be difficult to find solutions to the questions asked in the exam.

The more questions you solve, the better your speed of solving questions will become — which is one of the biggest factors that will determine your JEE Main rank!

Remember, those who get top ranks in the JEE Main are the ones who have their concepts crystal-clear, and have solved a large number of questions.

In this blog post, I’ll tell you about some of the best books for JEE Main preparation.

Best Books for JEE Main Physics

Many students find Physics difficult. It’s mainly because both the theory and numericals in Physics require much effort to understand well. I have listed below some good books that will help you better prepare for the JEE Main Physics.

  • NCERT books for Physics: NCERT books are a must-have for your JEE Main preparation. The JEE Main syllabus is almost the same as the syllabi of Class 11 and Class 12 of the CBSE curriculum. There are certain topics in the JEE Main syllabus that are not in the JEE Advanced syllabus. The questions on such topics can generally be answered if you study those topics from the NCERT books. Students generally don’t need to refer to other books for studying those topics.
  • Concepts of Physics Vol-1 by HC Verma: This book contains the theory and questions for the syllabus of class 11 CBSE curriculum. However, the questions in this book are more difficult than those in the NCERT books. You should solve questions from this book after you finish the questions of the corresponding topic from the NCERT book.
  • Concepts of Physics Vol-2 by HC Verma: The contents of this book are based on the CBSE class 12 syllabus. You should try solving the questions from this book after you’re done with the corresponding topic from the NCERT books.
  • Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Mechanics Part-1 and Part-2: For going from the level of qualifying the JEE Main exam, to the level of getting a good rank in JEE Main, the DC Pandey series of books might help you a lot. The books on Mechanics by DC Pandey are some of the best books for JEE Main Mechanics.
  • Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Electricity & Magnetism by DC Pandey: This book will help you strengthen concepts of electricity and magnetism, which is a very important topic for the JEE Main Physics question paper.
  • Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Optics & Modern Physics by DC Pandey: This book is helpful if you want to make optics and modern physics concepts crystal-clear, and solve good quality questions on these topics.
  • Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Waves & Thermodynamics by DC Pandey: This is a good book for thermodynamics.

Best Books For JEE Main Chemistry

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Best Books For JEE Main Mathematics

Now you know the best books for JEE Main that can help you excel in the exam. Get as many as you can when you begin your study period. Put them to good use and ace the JEE Main. All the best!

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