How to Avoid Time Wastage During JEE Preparation

Hello! Hope you would be in good health and doing well with your studies. You must have realized by now that cracking the JEE requires serious determination and hard-work in the proper direction. Hence, you cannot afford to lose time partying out with friends, attending lots of family functions, watching lots of TV, or playing video games. All of these things are fine when certain restrictions are imposed upon them. However being too much involved in them can cause serious setbacks to your JEE campaign and IIT preparation time table.

It is common for students to spend too much time on unnecessary commitments, and to fail to restrict their fun time. So let’s chalk out a rough basic structure that might help you to prevent wasting time on not-so-necessary stuff.


First of all, be honest with yourself. Have you been preparing seriously for the JEE?

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Your answer may be “YES,” and if so, that’s great! But you may still feel you can do more to get the best results. Maybe you still are devoting a significant amount of time to non-JEE activities. Do you want to change that? You can make it your sole aim to get a top notch rank in the exam so that you can settle into a good IIT or NIT!

Then there you go my dear friend—you have set the much required mental target before taking the next step.

On the contrary, if the answer to your self-interrogation is “NO,” then you have some work to do. You need to decide if you really want this, because if you do, then it’s time to alter your mindset. Preparing for this exam takes seriously hard work, but the payoff is just as huge. So if you want the payoff—then it is time to make up your mind and get serious.

Make an Action Plan

So, having ensured that the mental background has been prepared, you need to jot down a rough outline of what your action plan is going to be. Although I don’t recommend making a timetable for the very simple reason that it is very hard to stick to, I would firmly assert drawing a brief sketch as to what would be your approximate study plan for the rest of the preparation phase.

Preparing a timetable for an exam like the JEE is a tough task, but it can be done. First of all, arrange the complete syllabus of the JEE and mark the topics that you’ve done, those which are still working on, and the ones which are left. This step is very important because unless you have a written record of your progress that you are constantly exposed to, your IIT preparation time table is not going to improve.

Short-Term Goals

Syllabus check? Okay, now let’s set some short-term goals. It may be like studying Parabola, solving questions on GOC, and reading the theory of Rotational motion for the coming week.

Set a weekly deadline.
Make sure to stick to it.
Don’t let backlogs pile up.

Backlogs create a lot of mess at the end, and you are a sincere JEE aspirant, you will try your best do all your tasks on time. If this is your motivation, you will cut off all unimportant tasks and hence prevent wastage of time.

Include Recreation

Amidst all this, make sure to give some time to recreation. It could be anything you like doing in your spare time, like reading books, going for a walk etc. It is essential to include these activities in your schedule because they act like stress-busters.

Just studying all the time is the main reason for frustration. If you let frustration fester, you may eventually take a long break—and now your flow is lost. So, take short breaks between studying in order to avoid a large gap that really puts you behind!

Finally, remember that every second you waste doing nothing, someone else is getting smarter than you! So, fix your priorities well. At this stage in your IIT preparation time table nothing is more important than your studies! So make sure nothing else eats way at your precious time. Just keep reminding yourself of your goals. This will help prevent you from losing time on trivial distractions.

The Most Valuable Asset in Your IIT Preparation Time Table

So, in nutshell, remember, time is the most valuable asset you have.

Make sure to make every second of it count. It is not like you must cut down all social activities just for the sake of clearing the exam, but everything must have a certain limit which must not be exceeded. You will have a lot of time to socialize once you get into a college! So, work hard, set a proper study pattern and enjoy your studies.

Cheers and All the Best!

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