Avoid these 15 Common JEE Prep Mistakes

There are different sort of students and they all have their different approaches to preparing for competitive exams (JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, BITSAT and others). There are students who do not work hard but still gets the desired marks or rank, while there are others who study hard but do not get the desired marks. This is due to some basic and common mistakes that are committed by JEE aspirants in pressure or cause of other reasons. Try to avoid them and then, you will definitely boost your Rank.

JEE Prep Mistake 1: Ignoring the basics

Most aspirants start by spending thousands of rupees on buying study materials and books they ultimately never ever refer to. So, you are advised to stick to your school books and NCERT textbooks.

More than 60% of the questions in JEE Mains are asked from NCERT textbook. You should primarily stick to NCERT textbooks and head towards advanced level books only upon its completion. Study material provided by coaching institutes often contains theory and important questions of all the good books in easy to understand language and so they prove useful too.

JEE Prep Mistake 2: Neglecting class XI syllabus

Syllabus of class XI constitutes a considerable portion in the JEE exam. Make sure that you revise its topics thoroughly along with your class XII syllabus. Hence, 5 to 6 months prior to JEE Mains exam, start at least one chapter a day from your Class XI books.

JEE Prep Mistake 3: Ignoring Questions which were not Solved during the tests

When you attempt mock tests, sample papers or previous year question papers, it is not sufficient to see how many questions you have attempted or solved correctly. You must also understand how and why the other questions were incorrect and couldn’t be solved by you. Ask your school teachers or coaching teachers and practice such type of questions until you get them right. This is the best way to improve your JEE Mains as well as JEE Advanced scores.

JEE Prep Mistake 4: Skipping long questions

Some questions appear to be long but are actually simple and easy if solved with care. Do not skip them thinking they are long and time-consuming. Read the question twice or thrice before attempting. Only because it seems to have a lot of text does not necessarily mean it’s tricky and difficult. Give them a try.

JEE Prep Mistake 5: Not reading the question carefully

One of the main reason why JEE aspirants commit mistakes is that they do not read the questions carefully and miss out on some basic information or interpret the calculation incorrectly. So, you need to spend few seconds on reading the questions very carefully. Do not be in a hurry.

JEE Prep Mistake 6: Spending lots of time on the easier question

Just because you find the questions of a particular topic much easier than the others does not mean you spend more than the planned time on them !!

JEE Prep Mistake 7: Calculation mistakes

Most aspirants do not get the correct answer in the estimated time because they make silly calculation mistakes such as doing addition or multiplication incorrectly. There will be lots of calculation based questions in JEE Mains paper to test your speed and calculating capabilities. So, practice more and more to avoid such errors.

JEE Prep Mistake 8: Not paying attention during lectures

This one is a common mistake which students commit. Some students never pay attention to the lectures in class or coaching and think that they can prepare on their own. But this doesn’t work out in the long run. Pay attention to what is taught in the class and grasp as much you can for better JEE Prep.

JEE Prep Mistake 9: Not studying regularly

There are many aspirants who rely on and believe in the last minute JEE prep for cracking the JEE. Instead, to seriously crack the JEE examination, you should invest daily 6 hours apart from school and coaching. Do not skip a single day and make sure to study throughout the week. Make a time table and follow the same religiously.

JEE Prep Mistake 10: Focusing more on one subject

Mostly JEE aspirants focus more on the subject which they are comfortable with and ignore the rest. Rather, you are required to maintain a balance between Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Do not forget that there is equal weightage of all three subjects in JEE Mains as well as JEE Advanced.

JEE Prep Mistake 11: Social media attraction

Don’t get trapped by social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat). It’s best to avoid them during the study hours. A notification beep on the phone distracts you, often forcing you to pick it up and check the message. No matter how much you think that you will only check the messages and get back to your studies, it never happens. It results in wasting a lot of time.

JEE Prep Mistake 12: Panicking

Problems in JEE exam not only test your skills on the subject but also your stress taking ability. It is important to not panic at the exam time. Panicking not only demotivates you but will also degrade your level. With some hard-work and regular efforts along with an excellent study plan, JEE can be cracked easily.

JEE Prep Mistake 13: Hurry to complete syllabus

Some students put a lot of efforts during their early JEE prep and are often seen losing the concepts as the examination approaches. As a result, their performance drops severely. This also increases conceptual doubts later and makes time management difficult during the final week. Completing syllabus before time is not a key of success instead, you must constantly practice the concepts in order to enhance your skills in terms of both speed and calculation.

JEE Prep Mistake 14: Staying up all night before the exam

If you stay up all night before the exam, there are maximum chances that you will feel sleepy while writing the paper and with sleepy eyes, you are bound to commit mistakes. Get a full night’s sleep of at least 8 hours to ensure your brain is at its best and works properly during exams.

JEE Prep Mistake 15: Wrong Bubbling on OMR sheet

Many students bubble the OMR in a hurry, which results into wrong bubbling especially in multiple correct questions. Give last 15 minutes exclusively for bubbling.

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