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JEE Main is an important exam for any student who wishes to pursue carer in engineering. There is neck-to-neck competition, and you certainly cannot afford to make mistakes. Read on to know how to avoid the common JEE Main mistakes!

Avoiding JEE Main mistakes: Don’t read too many books

Reading from too many books will make it difficult to revise when the time comes. Instead, use fewer standard but important books such as NCERT, H C Verma for Physics, O P Tandon and P. Bahadur for Chemistry, and M.L. Khanna for mathematics.

If you get sufficient time after completing a particular chapter, only then go for more and more practice. But for the early finishing of the syllabus, stick to the lesser number, but better quality reference books.

Avoiding JEE Main mistakes: Don’t miss out basic key points in a question

Many aspirants do not read the question carefully and miss out the basic key points mentioned, which results in losing marks in the paper. You must read any particular question carefully 2 – 3 times. It is advisable to read each and every word of a given problem before attempting, understand what is being asked and then solve it.

Avoiding JEE Main mistakes: Don’t be too lured by the question of your favorite topic

Students become happy on seeing the questions from their favorite chapter (say Integration in Mathematics, or Free Body Diagram problems in Physics etc.) that they actually forget to solve questions which can actually fetch them more marks in the same time. For example, questions on Integration usually take 5-7 minutes whereas in the same time, one can solve upto 3 to 4 questions of chemistry resulting in more marks!! Don’t forget it’s all about time management.

Avoiding JEE Main mistakes: Don’t spend much time on simple topics

Topics like Quadratic equations, Matrices, Trigonometry, Kinematics, Modern Physics, Inorganic Chemistry etc. do not require much effort and time. The best thing you can do is making a revision sheet of the major formulae and important concepts of these topics. Revise this sheet often rather than going through entire chapter again and again. For example, you can just revise important formula and identities of Trigonometry, instead of wasting time on proving them which is totally unnecessary.

Avoiding JEE Main mistakes: Don’t leave questions without reading even once

When you practice similar questions too often, you tend to identify and solve them as per your self-interpretation of them. Multiple Choice Questions are often framed in a deceptive manner. You must read and understand the question properly before attempting it. Failing to do so will result in negative marking (-1 for each) i.e. a fatal mistake in a question that you could have easily solved.

Avoiding JEE Main mistakes: Don’t rely completely on Coaching Institutes

With all their experience, knowledgeable faculty and teaching methods, majority of coaching institutes lack the simplicity and understanding that you get from thoroughly solving reference books like NCERT and H.C. Verma. You must not follow coaching classes blindly and over emphasize their modules and assignment sheets, but instead make your own time table as well.

Avoiding JEE Main mistakes: Don’t memorize concepts and important questions from previous year papers

Understanding concepts is very important as unseen questions will always be asked in the exam every year. Most of the students tend to forget this and memorize the concepts/questions instead of understanding them in depth. This is the worst thing any student can do if they are preparing for JEE Mains. Only 2 to 3 questions are generally repeated in exam, so memorizing questions won’t be of any use.

It should also be noted that questions asked in JEE Mains test your understanding of the subject, problem-solving abilities and out of the box thinking. So, you must focus on learning the concepts by heart/understanding them instead of memorizing!!!

Avoiding JEE Main mistakes: Don’t surrender before attempting

It has always been observed that many aspirants find Class 11th syllabus tougher as compared to Class 12th (which is very true also). So, they give up soon even before trying. If you want to be an IITian or NITian, you have to take up challenges over and over and succeed too. JEE preparation requires patience, time, hard work and ‘smart work’!! So, it’s better that you start your preparation in full swing from the initial stage.

Avoiding JEE Main mistakes: Don’t be afraid of your weaknesses

‘Smart work’ is the key to success, not ‘hard work’ alone. You have to put in a lot of efforts, but make sure that you put them in the right place. For example, if you do not work on your weaknesses after completing a particular chapter even though having quite a lot of time left, you cannot expect a decent score in JEE Mains.

Avoiding JEE Main mistakes: Don’t read just theory, solve numerical problems as well and as many as you can on particular chapters

Most students read and revise only theory of particular chapters for JEE Mains. In fact, they assume some chapters to be finished just after reading it twice or thrice. To all those who do this, no matter how well you have understood the chapter, it cannot be assumed to be ‘finished’ until and unless you solve the numerical problems too. If you want to clear JEE Mains with a good rank, you must develop the skill to solve questions.

Avoiding JEE Main mistakes: Don’t be afraid of Mock Tests and AITS (All India Test Series)

No matter how much theory you learn and how many problems you solve from different books, you cannot score well in JEE Mains exam until and unless you attempt previous years’ question papers or take mock tests in a time based manner.

Avoiding JEE Main mistakes: Don’t neglect topics of Class 11th

JEE Mains is completely based on the syllabus of Class 11th and 12th. If you skip topics of class 11th, you are overlooking about half the syllabus of JEE Mains exam and compromising your final score way too much.

Avoiding JEE Main mistakes: Don’t be too nervous during paper

Many aspirants become too nervous when they find the paper a bit tricky, which leads them to losing motivation. So, you are advised not to get nervous at any point of time instead stay confident on your preparation and give your best shot, as it’s relative performance that matters.

All the best!

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