How to Achieve a High JEE Main Rank

JEE Main is arguably one of the most competitive engineering entrance examinations in India. Getting a high JEE Main rank opens doors for admission to top Government Engineering Institutes. Getting into a top undergrad institute is the first step towards a successful career in engineering.

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Approximately 1.5 million students appear for JEE Main every year. Only a handful are able to make it to top colleges. What differentiates someone who dreams of getting a high JEE Main rank vs. someone who has actually obtains it? Stay tuned, you will get your answer shortly.

There are some important factors that play a key role in deciding the fate of your years of hard work. These factors eventually decide your JEE Main rank.

Role of Motivation in Getting a High JEE Main Rank

It is extremely important to stay motivated to achieve a high JEE Main rank. Your motivation to do so could be anything:

  • Make your parents proud
  • Compete with the best students from the country
  • Earn a fat paycheck
  • Pursue the best career and research
  • Start your own company
  • Get your name printed in newspapers

Your motivation will help you remain focused on your preparation. Your motivation will force you to study. Your motivation will push you to work hard. Someone rightly said — there is no shortcut to any place worth going.

Role of a Coaching Institute in Getting a High JEE Main Rank

Lots of students think that coaching institutes are necessary to get a high rank on the JEE. Students end up spending lakhs of rupees on coaching institutes just because they believe that if they join the right coaching institute, they are sure to get a high rank.

However, the fact is that coaching institutes play a small role in your success. It is your own hard work that will determine your fate. Coaching institutes are only there to guide you and to provide you with study material. At the end of the day, it is you who will be taking the exam.

Students should try to minimize their dependence on their coaching teachers/professors and focus on self-study.

Role of Time Management in Getting a High JEE Main Rank

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It is very important to manage your time properly. The syllabus is huge while time is scarce. Every minute is precious. Remember, the time that you are wasting daydreaming or performing a not-so-important activity, your competitors at Kota and Hyderabad are working hard to beat you. You should try to build a timetable and stick to it. This way, you are sure to utilize your time optimally.

One useful and recommended technique for managing your time properly is to plan the next day. The idea is simple. Every night before sleeping, you make a mental note of all you have to do the next day. This could be as simple as solve 10 problems of kinematics from HC Verma. This ensures that every morning you have a goal to pursue, that your time is utilized better, and your productivity is high.

Role of Books in Getting a High JEE Main Rank

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Books will be your best teacher and guide throughout your JEE preparation. Therefore, it becomes important to choose your study material wisely. Here is a list of recommended books for each of the JEE sections:




Role of Technology in Getting a High JEE Main Rank

Technology will help you a lot in making use of your travel time. For instance, you can record your inorganic chemistry lectures or notes in your own voice and play them whenever you have time. Then while commuting from your home to your coaching institute, you can use the commute time to study.

The Best Test Series for the JEE Main

The FIITJEE test series is known to be the best test series for the JEE. A large number of top students from almost every institute participate in the FIITJEE All India Test Series (AITS). As a result, it is very competitive. Also note your AITS rank will give you a good idea of your JEE Main rank because you are essentially competing with the same students with whom you will compete in the JEE.

Gotchas to Watch Out For

There are some gotchas that everyone should watch out for, because falling into a trap can easily pull down your JEE rank. Here are some points to take a note of:

  • Never get over-confident. Stay humble irrespective of your class rank. Always help your fellow classmates.
  • Don’t ignore NCERT textbooks. These are the best books to build your foundation and in recent years there have been many questions in JEE that are present as-it-is in NCERT.
  • Focus on a pattern-proof method of preparation. Don’t stick to a particular pattern. You never know when you might be surprised by the JEE board. Your focus should be on building solid fundamentals.
  • Accept and improve your weak areas.
  • Don’t keep backlogs. Always try to cover missed topics as soon as possible.

At the end of the day, achieving a high JEE Main rank all boils down to:

  • How badly do you want to achieve a high rank in JEE?
  • How hard are you willing to work to realize your dream?

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