7 Points to Consider While Preparing for JEE Chemistry

For years, getting into an IIT has been the dream of hundreds of thousands of students across the nation. Competition is tough, the syllabus is vast, and the exam demands all of your attention and energy. The path is not easy for anyone, given the enormous amount of pressure it puts on a student. Despite that, we should have perseverance and confidence in ourselves. If you have a clear target, a proper strategy to achieve that target and enough dedication to stay away from distractions, you can do wonders.

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Chemistry is a difficult subject, yet it is the rank maker. All the top JEE rankers make sure to perform well in this subject because generally speaking, most students are strong in Physics and Maths. Chemistry is the subject that gives you an edge over others.

JEE Chemistry boils down to planning, prioritizing, and working hard. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to score well in JEE Chemistry.

Understand the Concepts Well

JEE Chemistry requires a lot of understanding coupled with memorization. What you should keep in mind is that cramming without knowing the answers to “why“ and “how” will take you nowhere. Of course, you need to memorize a lot of information, but you need to have a clear picture of everything as well. You can’t just mug up a reaction, because simply memorizing it won’t help you solve problems that are different but employ the same fundamental concept.

You need to grasp patterns and concepts behind the facts. Observe mechanisms in organic reactions, imagine them, you will realize almost every step has a concept attached to it. Try to figure out which bonds are broken and which bonds are formed. Imagine it a number of times, and write it down every once in a while. While keeping in mind the general patterns, don’t ever let go of exceptions which are in your syllabus. Besides helping you retain information for a long time, understanding things will also help you develop an interest in the subject and hence, studying would not be as painful.

Study NCERT Books Thoroughly

Read the NCERT chemistry books thoroughly, especially the books on organic and inorganic chemistry. Every line of the books is important. There are some minute details which are present in NCERT, that are important but might have been skipped by your coaching institute or reference books. NCERT chemistry is a must for JEE. It clears your concepts in a sharp way. Also, it will go a long way in helping you ace your board exams.

You should also note that sometimes in JEE, questions are directly picked up from NCERT textbooks. Therefore, a thorough reading of NCERT is must.

Make Notes

You need to maintain your own notes other than just the notes of your coaching institute. These personal notes should include charts for a quick glance at properties of elements, reaction mechanisms, inorganic reactions of different elements, etc. Don’t forget to jot down all the formulae used in physical chemistry, and little details like properties of different elements, periodic table trends etc. These notes are a great help for quick revision before your coaching internal exams or your main exam.

Stick to Your Syllabus

The books available for JEE preparation would contain a lot of information which is not in the syllabus. You don’t have enough time to spend on that. Therefore, always stick to your syllabus and learn to omit what is not needed. You can use that time to practice more problems on topics which are included in the syllabus. Always remember – you will get plenty of time in college to study “out-of-JEE” concepts that you enjoy reading about.

Be Regular

If you want to nail this JEE chemistry game, regularity is required. Pay full attention to classes. Revise your coaching notes regularly. Ask about any doubts regularly. Make sure your doubts are not left unanswered. Asking questions and discussing things goes a long way in clearing up your concepts perfectly. Solve worksheets and always remain up to date with your coaching pace.

It becomes difficult to cover up backlogs and therefore, regularity and consistency is a must. Inorganic chemistry, for instance, is a topic that is easy to forget without regular revision. To perform well, keep revising your personal notes and coaching notes.


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JEE Chemistry is more about practicing than reading. Besides the worksheets of your coaching institute, you can refer to some good books. Most importantly, you need to solve the JEE questions of the last forty years, topic-wise. Don’t keep reading your notes like a novel. Always sit with a notebook and a pen. Keep writing the reactions, their mechanisms, etc. Writing things down lets you remember them for a longer period of time, and also helps you understand the concepts better.

Stay Confident

Yes, there is pressure and that can be difficult to manage. Nevertheless, pressure can be fought off with confidence. Once you remind yourself about the efforts you have been putting in, the sacrifices you have made, and the dream which is waiting to come true — pressure vanishes somewhere. Confidence is a really important factor, be it on the day of the exam or any day of the JEE preparation period. You should never feel fearful about the subject. You should be confident of your capabilities of doing well.

Don’t let negativity poison your thinking. A calm and composed attitude will help you study with a free mind. No matter what your present performance is, you always have room for improvement. “You” against “you” should be your biggest fight!

So work on your own improvement. Compare your present self with your past self and take pride in the strides you’ve made. Talk to your trusted adults or friends when you are feeling low. Always remember that you can do anything. All you need is faith in yourself and dedication to your desired achievement.

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