6 Tips for Effective JEE Preparation

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JEE preparation is a long and exciting journey that leads to a beautiful destination – your dream institute. Students tend to work hard but often do not get the desired results.

Let’s talk about some steps that will help you prepare in a more effective manner so that you can achieve your desired target.

JEE Preparation Tip 1: Stay Motivated

Motivation is the key to JEE preparation. Your motivation to perform well on the JEE could be anything – making your parents proud, proving yourself to your relatives, getting into a top-ranked institute, or building a top-notch career.

Most JEE aspirants spend about two years in JEE preparation. During these years, your motivation will help you keep going. So write down your motivation and put it somewhere you can see it daily to remind yourself of why you are working so hard.

JEE Preparation Tip 2: Focus on Quality Rather Than Quantity

Four hours of a quality session where you have read enough theory, thought about ideas, and solved problems are a hundred times better than eight hours of sitting with the book.

Many students try to measure their JEE preparation progress by the number of hours they put in. A better way to achieve this is to measure the number of new questions solved per day, the number of theory pages read, and the number of new silly mistakes made (hoping that you won’t repeat the same mistake on the final JEE Main day).

JEE Preparation Tip 3: Work Hard

There is no substitute for hard work. You have to be determined enough to sit and prepare. Dreaming won’t help.

Every minute that you spend on a ‘not-so-important’ activity, realize that your competitors are striving hard to get ahead of you! Don’t give them a chance to beat you simply because you didn’t work hard enough.

JEE Preparation Tip 4: Read Enough Theory Before Solving Problems

Don’t jump into solving problems unless you are confident that you understand the theory well. Read and understand the theory properly so as to build a solid foundation, which is very much necessary for a good performance in JEE Main.

Students who perform well in the JEE have very strong basics which they develop by reading the right theory from the right set of books as can be found here.

JEE Preparation Tip 5: Solve a Lot of Good Quality Problems

Reading theory alone won’t help because on the final JEE Main day you will be solving problems. You should try to solve as many problems as possible. Aim for good quality problems. A well known JEE practice problem platform is Toppr.

Always solve problems that are a little more difficult for you. Remember, if you aren’t solving tough problems, you aren’t improving your thinking process; rather, you are simply becoming faster. In order to improve your analytical thinking ability for JEE Main, you should solve challenging problems that will exercise your brain and force you to think.

JEE Preparation Tip 6: Take Many JEE Main Mock Tests

You will face enormous examination pressure during the JEE Main day. The only way to get over it is to simulate the JEE Main environment as many times as possible. You can achieve this by taking ample JEE Main mock tests. Toppr contains good quality JEE mock tests.

Don’t just complete the mock tests. Time them to make sure that you are able to achieve your target number of problems within the time limit.

At the end of the mock test, try to analyze those questions you weren’t able to crack. Figure out what went wrong. Did you make a silly mistake? Was it a new concept that you didn’t know about? Was the question too lengthy? Answering these questions will help you figure out your weaker areas, which you can then spend additional time to improve upon.

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