3 Tips for Parents to Guide Their Child for JEE Prep

JEE prep is a crucial time–not only for students but even for their parents. The guidance and care provided by parents can push and motivate students to work harder. Knowing that they have a support system to fall back on is always a source of comfort. However, during JEE prep many parents might be puzzled as to what they can do for their kids. Here are some tips for parents to guide their kids while they study for this important test.

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The Right Nutrition

A healthy body is a prerequisite for a healthy mind. Parents should make sure their kids are getting balanced meals since it will have an effect on their preparations. Junk foods contain no nutrients, and make you feel more lethargic. Almonds and other nuts are known for improving memory and focus. Try to get your child to eat these every day.

Also, be careful about ordering food from restaurants. Although this is always a convenient option, you would be oblivious to how the food was prepared and what ingredients went into it. A far better option would be to make fresh food with fresh ingredients.

Health is not only about the food you eat, but also about regular exercise. Exercising keeps every part of your body running in sound order. Of course, when the kids study for hours, it’s not easy for them to motivate themselves to go exercise. However, as a parent, you should make sure they do. You might have to be extra persuasive and push them a bit harder for these things but it is a necessity.

Help Them Perfect Their Routine

A routine can do wonders if you’re trying to save time spent on miscellaneous activities. A student should have a specific routine and as a parent you should help them out with it. They might prefer to have their meals at a particular time or maybe they have planned to watch some television to reward themselves for the heavy workload they managed during the previous week. As a parent, one of the biggest ways you can help them out is by doing your bit to help them out with following their JEE prep routine. This includes accommodating and even pushing them to stick to it in case they start to take things a bit easy.

Moral Support

Preparing for JEE is not simple. You have an endless syllabus to cover with lakhs of other students preparing for the same test as you. It is highly competitive and it might sometimes feel like a dead end. Students can get demotivated along the way and feel that the entire process is worthless. As a parent, the best thing you can do for your child is to provide them with moral support. Sit down with them and listen to their problems. Sometimes they may not approach you directly, so make sure you try to start a conversation with them frequently. They might be unknowingly under a lot of stress.

Parents are aware that this phase is important in their child’s life, but it’s okay to be clueless about how they can help out. It is a continuous process. Parents will need to give time to their kids and understand the things that may be bothering them. Everyone is different and every aspirant will face different issues. However, giving them time from your busy schedule will not only help you understand their problems more but also assure them that they have a sound support structure to catch them if they fall. Finally, remember to cherish these last few years they spend at home before leaving to start their new lives at college.

All the best. 🙂

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