10 JEE Preparation Tips to Help Avoid Distractions

Your JEE preparation is one of the most important times in your life. As dramatic as it may sound, your preparations do play a part in deciding which college you end up at and the course you get. These JEE preparation tips on how to avoid distractions could just make a world of difference for you on exam day.

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Let’s just say it: it is important that you avoid distractions at all costs. It’s very easy to end up watching hours of your favourite show or surfing the web for arbitrary articles without realizing the precious time you’re losing. It may get difficult to train your mind to focus on your studies but it is a necessity. Here are a few ways you could cut down on distractions.

Set Up The Environment

It is hard to get a distraction-free mind without first setting up a distraction-free space. The first step is to tidy up. Make sure your study area is clean. This does not mean you need to vacuum daily but rather you should make sure everything is kept in its proper place and is organised. This will help you immensely when you’re trying to look for something. It cuts back on the time you waste searching for material as well. Having everything in its place means that you’ll be less likely to get distracted.

Does It Hold Value?

Another precious tip is to only keep things that matter in the area where you study. Go through all your books, fiction and nonfiction alike, and ask yourself if it really needs to be there. Electronics aren’t a necessity because they do impose a major threat in terms of distraction. Try not to keep a phone or a computer nearby as instead of cramming all those equations you may end up catching up on celebrity gossip.

Motivation All Around

It is harder to be distracted if you have your goal written in front of you. There is a reason you are preparing for the exams and there is a motivation that drives you. Maybe you’ve been wanting to study at an IIT ever since you were a kid, or maybe you just want to prove your mettle. Whatever it is, try to identify it.

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Being reminded of the reason why you started out in the first place will help you focus much better, curbing distractions. You could write down your goal and the motivation behind it on a piece of paper and stick it somewhere you would see it often. It will surely give you an extra push to work even harder.

Social Media

We have heard of many aspirants who cut themselves from social networking platforms to be able to concentrate on their studies. It is a good idea as you won’t feel the impulse to keep checking your phone incessantly. However, you may not be comfortable with letting go of your social media completely and that’s okay. You do, however, need to regulate yourself strictly while using it. You could hand over your phone to your parents and make sure they only give it to you for a fixed amount of time.

Understand Your Habits

You are all tuned to perform certain actions without realizing it. We may have a habit of watching television for an hour after coming back from school or coaching. We put a lot of time into such things and let’s be honest–that time can be put into doing something more productive.

This is especially true if you are preparing for the JEE. You should observe your everyday actions and see if there is anything in your daily routine that is acting as a distraction. Maybe swap out the daily telly show with a nap. It will help you stay refreshed. You need not switch all your habits with studying or revision. You could also go out for a walk instead to clear out your mind.

Reward Yourself

We are only human and it’s perfectly normal for you to crave the good things in life. We all have the urge to watch television or maybe go out to a restaurant for some good food. Do not deny yourself everything. Many believe that willpower is like a muscle. It is hard to practice it throughout the day without getting fatigued. So don’t stress yourself out by trying to pacify your cravings with denial. You could decide on rewards such as an episode of your favourite show if you manage to solve your problems within a certain time limit. This might even push you to work harder so that you can go ahead and reward yourself.

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Talk About Your Issues

It is hard to concentrate if you have a lot going on in your mind. This type of distraction often goes unnoticed but it’s an important one nonetheless. At no point whatsoever should you subject yourself to great amounts of stress. If you ever feel something going off at the back of your mind, find someone to talk to about it. You can approach your parents with your problems and they will surely help you out. You can also try talking to your siblings about any anxieties you may be harbouring.


A calm mind can take you to many places. A calm and composed mind is

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able to concentrate better and is less likely to become distracted. Take some time every day to meditate. It does not need to be under a tree or anything so complicated. Just go to a quiet place in your house or a garden nearby and give yourself a few minutes to simply concentrate on your breathing and think about nothing. It would be better to manage this without music as that would be another form of distraction. If you aren’t comfortable with the silence, you could always tune into the classics to help you along the way.

Try to Come Up With a Set Routine

Our mind likes to create habits, which turn into routines. We often find ourselves doing things unknowingly just because we are used to it. You can always harness this power to create routines that will maximise your output throughout the day. Do you have dinner right after coaching, or do you go out for a walk instead? Do you eat while watching television or reading a novel?

We all follow routines, be it throughout the day or for a particular meal. You should try to tweak your routine so that you balance out activities which require a lot of energy, with the ones that calm you. This will lead to more productivity, and you’ll also be less likely to get distracted since your mind is used to doing the same things again and again.


We all have a list of things to do–and sometimes we can’t really decide which to tackle first. This leads us to a situation where we keep doing one thing while thinking about something else. It isn’t the most productive way to work since your efficiency is less than your best. You might be struggling to decide between solving Mathematical problems or maybe revising your rusty Inorganic Chemistry. You have to decide what you want to do and do just that. There is no harm with listing out the various tasks lined up but try to pick one up and stick to it. You could also assign them levels of importance so that you clear out the most important ones.

Preparing for the JEE can get a bit tough at times and you’ll often feel an impulse to take up something else. You might miss out on some of your favourite shows and maybe not get to go out as often. However, you should not look at this as a sacrifice. Rather, you’re trading in some things to be able to enjoy your desired career and life later. When you finally achieve your dreams and look back, you’ll realize that it was all worth it in the end.

Hope this helps you to ward off your distractions. All the best!

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