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Who Assesses My English in the IELTS: Real-life IELTS Examiners

Earlier this month, Magoosh blogger David Recine told us a little about the IELTS examiners. He considered some interesting questions about the varieties of English spoken by the examiners and what benefits there might be for test takers who get interviewed by native speakers of the same language. To add to this insight, I’ve found some […]

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What is the Purpose of the IELTS Test?

What is IELTS, and what is the purpose of this exam? In this post, we’ll cover: what is IELTS test content like, what is IELTS exam formatting like, and how should you prepare for the exam? Once you’ve learned all about IELTS meaning and purpose, you’ll find answers to more frequently asked questions about the […]

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High-Level Vocabulary in the IELTS Speaking Test

Your IELTS speaking score is based upon four separately assessed skills. This article will be helpful to you if you’re concerned about the 25% that depends on your lexical resource, or vocabulary. If you haven’t yet, familiarize yourself with the IELTS test and how your vocabulary score is determined. Then review these specific questions in […]

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How to Paraphrase on the IELTS

Paraphrasing means to express the same meaning of a text by using different words. It is an essential skill for IELTS writing and speaking because simply copying or repeating the questions will lower your grade. It is also important for listening and reading as it will help you to understand the questions and give right […]

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IELTS Study Guide

After deciding to take the IELTS, you will need an IELTS study plan to help you prepare for the test. Here is a guide about why you need an IELTS study plan and how to make an effective plan! Why is an IELTS study guide important? Some people may wonder why they have to spend […]

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What is a good IELTS score?

Your IELTS results are used to figure out whether or not your English is ‘good enough’ for eligibility—in immigration, admissions, hiring, etc. Learn whether you have a good IELTS score or an average IELTS score, what the IELTS scores mean, and which universities and countries will accept your IELTS results.

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