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10 Ways to Prep for the IELTS Over the Holidays

Holidays are a great time for students to prep for the IELTS because they don’t have to deal with other subjects or work. However, it is difficult to concentrate on studying because there are so many tempting things to do during the holiday. You have to spend less time on entertainment and more time on […]

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Best IELTS Videos on YouTube

Of all the free resources for IELTS test takers, videos may have the most to offer as you prepare for the IELTS exam: They are informative and they offer valuable listening practice. The latter is particularly useful for those who have limited exposure to authentic English. IELTS videos in your native language will be helpful, […]

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Pacing Tips for IELTS Reading

If you take several minutes to browse the IELTS reading section overview, you will know that you need to read at least three texts and complete 40 questions in just an hour. Therefore, allocating your time wisely is important for finishing the reading test. Today’s blog will provide several pacing tips for IELTS reading! Before […]

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