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The Five Best Resources For Last-Minute IELTS Prep

last minute IELTS prep

Test day is coming up quickly and you still don’t feel prepared. What can you do to prep for the IELTS at the last minute? Never fear, Magoosh has some great “eleventh-hour” solutions for you!

When you’re putting together last minute test prep, you want convenient materials that can be accessed very quickly. Here are the Magoosh IELTS Team’s top five quick and easy “last minute” IELTS resources.

#1: Last Minute IELTS Prep On the Official IELTS Websites

Yes, that’s official IELTS websitesAs in plural. The IELTS actually has four different official websites. And all of the content on the IELTS family of websites is free. So right there is a wealth of IELTS prep material you can access immediately with no trouble. Just take your pick of content from, IELTS Essentials, British Council IELTS, or Cambridge IELTS.

Now, all of these sites are laid out just a little bit differently. And some of the same content appears on multiple sites. To navigate each site and find every website’s unique prep materials, use Magoosh’s guide to the official IELTS websites.

#2: IELTS Apps

Sometimes, getting IELTS prep right on your phone can be even quicker than accessing IELTS websites on your browser. IELTS Apps come from many different sources and tend to be either free or very reasonably priced. There are official IELTS Apps out there, such as the IELTS Word Power App from the British Council. There are also plenty of great unofficial IELTS apps, including Magoosh’s very own IELTS app.

For a list of good IELTS prep apps that you can pull onto your phone right before test day, see our list of eight useful apps for the IELTS and our comparison of official and unofficial IELTS apps.

#3: YouTube

YouTube is absolutely full of great IELTS prep videos. These videos cover just about any aspect of IELTS practice you might need short notice. There are practice IELTS Reading and Listening question sets with answer explanations, mock IELTS Speaking interviews, IELTS writing prompts with model essays and commentary… you name it.

The problem with YouTube, of course, is that there are so many IELTS videos on the site. How do you find the best ones? Once again, Magoosh can help. We’ve written an article about where to go for the best IELTS videos on YouTube.

You can also get started with our IELTS video for Writing Task 2, which includes a sample exercise:

#4: Full-Length IELTS Practice Tests

In last-minute IELTS Prep, full-length IELTS practice tests kill two birds with one stone. First, full exams are a wonderful way to dive into a wide range of IELTS prep questions, as quickly as possible. Second, full-length IELTS exams allow you to get a fast “feel” for the real IELTS as your test day rapidly approaches. Like most types of IELTS prep, full-length tests come from official IELTS sources and unofficial ones. Here on the Magoosh IELTS blog, we’ve put together a list of the best official and unofficial full-length IELTS practice exams. We’ve also given some instructions on where to find full-length IELTS exams.

#5: IELTS Vocabulary Word Lists

There’s nothing like a nice, thorough word list to get you vocabulary-ready for the IELTS in no time. A well-designed IELTS word list helps you keep IELTS vocabulary fresh in your mind right before you take the test. This is why Magoosh mentions vocabulary word lists (such as the one from IELTS Liz) in our top 10 ways to improve your IELTS score. This is also why the Magoosh IELTS Blog has an ongoing series of IELTS vocabulary word lists in its IELTS vocabulary archives.

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