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How to Improve Your IELTS Reading Score

how to improve IELTS Reading score

So you want to know how to improve your IELTS Reading score. You’ve come to the right place! Here are some tips and tricks for boosting your IELTS Reading score.

Find Your Best Approach to IELTS Reading Passages and Questions

Some test takers prefer to go straight to the questions for an IELTS Reading passage and then check the passage for the answers. Other students do their best in IELTS Reading when they skim the passage first to figure out the main ideas and then scan for additional information as needed. And although this is rare, there are even some people who get their top IELTS Reading score by reading the entire passage carefully and completely before they look at the questions at all.

Experiment with all three of these approaches. Make sure that the approach you’re using is the one that’s truly the best for you.

Improve your IELTS Reading Score by Practicing Multiple Choice Strategy

The IELTS isn’t just about English skill. It’s also about testing skills and strategies. One very important strategy on the IELTS and many other exams is multiple choice strategy. When you look at a multiple choice question in IELTS Reading, make a habit of looking for obviously wrong answers. Eliminate choices as quickly as you can. Once you’ve practiced this strategy enough to get really good at it, you’ll often be able to identify the right answer almost instantly. This saves time and increases accuracy, so good multiple choice strategy can really boost your IELTS Reading score.

Practice IELTS Reading With Every Text Type and Every Question Type

There really are a wide variety of question types in IELTS Reading. And if you’re taking the IELTS General Training version of IELTS Reading, there are also a few different types of texts.

Although some question types and text types may not appear on an individual exam, you need to be ready for anything the IELTS throws at you on test day. So know and practice all of the text and question types. The best place to do this is That official IELTS website showcases every possible text and question format you might see on the IELTS Reading exam.

Include non-IELTS Materials in Your Reading Practise

The best way to do well on IELTS Reading is to get good at English reading. And the best way to get good at English reading is to read as much as possible. This means reading more than just the passages you find in actual IELTS practise materials.

Read all sorts of English passages, but focus on informational and educational writings. These materials will be the most IELTS-like. To increase your comfort with reading in English, pursue topics you enjoy. Just make sure you read from the web, from books, from newspapers and magazines, and so on…. don’t limit yourself just to passages on the exam.

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