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IELTS Speaking Practice

IELTS Speaking Practice

Speaking is one of the most challenging IELTS skills. To rise to the IELTS Speaking challenge, you need some good IELTS Speaking practice.

IELTS Speaking Practice with, the British Council, and Cambridge

I’ve already told you how to get full length IELTS practise tests from the three official creators of the IELTS:, the British Council, and Cambridge. The practise exams and practise questions from these sources contain the best “real” IELTS Speaking practice. These resources offer IELTS Speaking questions that you can practise answering out loud. These sources also have audio and transcripts of example IELTS Speaking responses. You can use these examples to model your own responses in your IELTS Speaking practice.

IELTS Speaking Practice With a Conversation Partner

The IELTS Speaking section is ultimately an interview-style conversation. On test day, a real human interviewer will ask you questions about your personal life and your personal opinions.

The kind of “small talk” you see on the IELTS can be practised with anyone else who speaks reasonably good English. Practise IELTS-style conversations with friends and family who know English, or with study buddies who are also prepping for the IELTS.

Ideally, your conversation partner for IELTS Speaking practice should be someone you meet with face-to-face. After all, the actual IELTS Speaking section is a face-to-face interaction. Having said that, if you can’t find a face-to-face English conversation partner, an online IELTS Speaking partner is the next best thing. To find someone who can help you practise IELTS Spekaing online, look for language partners on websites such as, The Mixxer, and iTalki.

Practice speaking with our IELTS expert Eliot. Watch this video which simulates the IELTS Speaking section!


IELTS Speaking Practise with a Tutor

If you are open to spending some extra money on your IELTS prep, an actual IELTS tutor is a good option for IELTS Speaking practice. iTalki, which I mentioned above, connects IELTS to web-based IELTS tutors as well as speaking partners. Other online tutoring portals such as IELTS UK actually specialize in IELTS tutoring, often with an emphasis on IELTS Speaking.

Face-to-face tutors are good too. Most non-English-speaking countries have plenty of ESL tutors and English training centres. This includes English training centres that are run by the British Council, an official IELTS sponsor.

And in native English speaking countries such as the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, etc., English tutoring is often offered as a public service. This means you may be able to find government-sponsored IELTS tutoring at a very affordable price, or for free. Readers who live in the English-speaking world should check with their local library, community college, or immigrant assistance centre as they look for a good IELTS tutor to help them with their IELTS Speaking practice.

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