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Past Questions for IELTS General Training Writing

IELTS General training writing section consists of two tasks. The first task asks you to write a letter according to a given situation and the second requires you to write an academic essay. They assess your ability to use different vocabularies and correct grammar, organize ideas, and write clearly. Just like the IELTS Academic writing section, you have one hour to complete the two tasks. Here are several past questions for IELTS General Training writing to help you get prepared for this section!

IELTS past questions-magoosh

Writing Task 1 Questions

The telephone company has mailed the telephone bill to the wrong address. Write to the telephone company. You should tell them:

  1. How you found the problem out.
  2. What problems not receiving the phone bill caused you
  3. What you want them to do


You would like to work overseas. Write a letter to a job agent company and tell them:

  1. What job you would like to apply for
  2. What companies you are looking for
  3. Why you want to work overseas


You are getting married. Invite one of your English friends to your wedding. In your letter, describe:

  1. Your future husband/wife
  2. What will happen in your wedding
  3. Why you want to invite your friend


You have finished a training course, write a letter with feedback to the organizer. In your letter, you should include:

  1. The detail of the course
  2. What you enjoyed from the course
  3. Suggestion about what can be improved


You are a member of a sports club in an old building. Now, all the members are asked to provide suggestions to the manager of the club about the improvement of the club building. Write a letter to offer some suggestions. In your letter, you should say:

  1. Why the club is important to you
  2. What your suggestions are
  3. What benefits the members can obtain after improvement

Check out our how to write letters in the IELTS test to learn essential tips on this task!

Writing Task 2 Questions

This task is similar to task 2 in the IELTS Academic test, you need to logically structure your essay and use formal language in your writing.


1.Computers have made the world a better place. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

2.Many people think having enough money brings happiness but others think too much money can bring problems. Do you agree or disagree?

3.Students in school should learn practical skills such as car maintenance and managing a bank account, as well as the traditional academic subject. Do you agree or disagree?


Discuss both views

1.Some people say a high salary is the most important thing that a company can offer to workers. The others think a good working atmosphere is the most important thing about a company. Discuss both options.

2.Competitive sports are valuable because it gets people from different cultures together. However, it may also lead to conflict between different nationalities. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.



1.Nowadays, shopping is no longer about getting things you need but about entertainment. What are reasons and what are the positive and negative effects?

2.Some people say that it is impossible to live comfortably in big cities. What problems are faced by the people living in big cities? What solutions can be taken to solve those problems?



1.Many young people leave their home before they are 20 years old to study or start to work. Do you think this is positive? What would be the disadvantages in the matter?

2.In some countries, children start their school at the age of seven in order to strengthen their relationship with their parents. In other countries, children can begin their school at the age of four. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of starting school at an early age.


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