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Where to Get Official IELTS Prep Materials

where can you get official IELTS prep materials

The IELTS has multiple official sponsors. So it’s hard to know where to get IELTS official prep materials. Or at least hard to know all the places to go.

Where to Get Official IELTS Prep Materials Online

The IELTS has four official websites:

Each of these websites is distinctly different, although there is some content overlap across all four official IELTS sites., IELTS Essentials, and the British Council all tell you how to register for the exam anywhere in the world. These three sites also give general information on how to prepare for the exam and make a booking to sit for it. These sites also all cover the different types of IELTS exam: IELTS Academic, IELTS General Training, and IELTS Life Skills. The British Council offers full-length IELTS practise tests. offers practise questions for every question type that appears on the test. IELTS Essentials also offers practise questions for each question type, but only offers the exact same content you’ll also find on

All three sites also offer information about how the IELTS is scored, with IELTS band descriptors for IELTS Speaking and IELTS Writing. Of these three similar sites, the British Council offers the most information about IELTS assessment, even offering full PDFs of the official IELTS Band Descriptors.

The Cambridge IELTS website stands apart from the other three IELTS websites. It doesn’t have separate web pages for exam practise, exam strategy, or registering for the test. Also, the IELTS prep materials on are not readily available. The web-based IELTS prep content on is somewhat hidden.

To see a list of the Cambridge IELTS website’s prep resources, you can go to the Cambridge IELTS site map and click the “resources” tab. However, to actually view these materials, you need to register with and then sign in to Cambridge IELTS. Because of these extra steps, not as many students are aware of the official IELTS prep materials on the Cambridge site.

This is a shame because offers a wealth of IELTS prep materials. Registered users have access to numerous free excerpts from their print books. This includes official question sets, full sections of official IELTS tests, and IELTS audio from the CDs that come with official Cambridge IELTS books. Once you’re logged in to Cambridge, you can also view online video presentations that help you prepare for the IELTS.

Where to Get Official IELTS Prep Materials on Your Phone

Electronic official IELTS Prep materials aren’t limited just to web pages. You can also get official IELTS prep materials on your phone. The two official IELTS phone apps are among the best apps for IELTS students. The British Council offers an IELTS vocabulary app called IELTS Word Power. And Cambridge offers a mobile video and text preview of their Official Cambridge Guide to the IELTS.

Where to get Official IELTS Prep Materials in Book Form

With IELTS books, things finally get simple. There’s just one source: Cambridge University Press. On the Products tab of the Cambridge IELTS website, you can view all of the official IELTS books that are currently in print. Together, these books contain the majority of official IELTS material out there. Some books focus on general test prep or practice exams, while others focus on specific IELTS Skills, such as grammar and vocabulary. Most of these books are multimedia and come with companion CDs or DVDs.

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