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Essential Tips for IELTS Essay Writing

tips for ielts essay writing

It is quite hard for students from a different language and cultural background to get high scores on IELTS essay because of the different language use as well as thinking mode. To get through the IELTS writing task 2, you need to know the essentials of how to write an English essay and to practice writing a lot. Today’s blog is going to provide several useful tips for IELTS essay writing!

Be clear and straightforward

Your essay should be clear and straightforward. English essays reflect a straightforward way of thinking. You should get to the point of the whole essay clearly in the introduction paragraph. Then, you need to have main ideas at the beginning of each body paragraph and then give details. Take a look at our essay template and follow the structure provided.

However, in some cultures, people like to give details first and then state main ideas at the end of the writing. Or they don’t even tell exactly what they mean in the writing and let the readers interpret the meaning from the words. Though these writing styles are preferred in certain cultures, you can not write an IELTS essay in these ways.

To avoid this problem, you can read more English articles to get a sense of how native English speakers write. Check out our post on IELTS reading resources to get useful reading materials!

Be logical

Logic is also one of the most important factors of a good IELTS essay. You should have a clear logic between sentences and paragraphs, which aims for supporting your opinion. Using transitions can help you to build logical connections in the essay. A transition can be short or long. Usually, we use words or phrases between sentences and paragraphs. We can also use transition sentences between paragraphs. Here are some examples.

Transition between sentences:

Retailers upload attractive pictures on social medias to motivate people to buy unnecessary things. Moreover, they provide online discount codes and set time limits from time to time to encourage people buy their products. Therefore, technology creates more impulse spenders.

Transition between paragraphs:

Apart from what has been discussed above, celebrity endorsement also triggers impulse spending.

Note: Do not overuse transitions. Use them when it is necessary. Also, check out our post on useful linking phrases to learn more transitional words and phrases.

Plan ahead

When practicing for the IELTS writing task 2, it is better to make an outline before writing the essay because it helps you to make your essay clear and logical. List the thesis statement, arguments, supporting facts, and conclusion on a piece of paper. Think about the connections between them.

It takes time to develop good writing skills, so you need to practice a lot. Keep these tips in mind and try your best!


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