Can I study for the IELTS in one week?

If you’re in a hurry to prepare for the IELTS and you’re asking yourself this question, the answer is yes, of course you can study in just one week! In fact, it’s advisable that you make the most of this week to prepare (our One-Week IELTS Study Plan was made just for you!), but—as I am sure it goes without saying—you cannot learn English in one week.

The IELTS is designed to give the examiner an honest account of your English competence. While a week may be good enough to polish up your English so that your performance is actually a fair reflection of your skills, it’s probably not enough time to level-up on your English.

Read on for some tips about how to decide whether or not you should take the IELTS in one week, and how to proceed if you decide that you must!

Should I take the IELTS in one week, or should I wait?

If you have the option of either taking the IELTS in one week or registering for a later date to give yourself some time to study, you should consider the following:

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What band score do you need earn?
The institution or organization asking for your IELTS score will probably have stipulated a minimum score. If you’re not sure what you should be aiming for, check out this article on IELTS scores.

Does your English measure up?
On your best day, is your English advanced enough to earn the minimum score you need? One way of knowing is to familiarize yourself with the band system (what IELTS scores mean) so that you can answer this question. Also, try checking out the English of those who have already taken the IELTS and have been assigned a band number. How does your English compare? Check out this link, where you can compare your spoken English to some test takers, and more of our writing articles, to find samples of writing for comparison.

If your answer to the second question is no, I would suggest opting to take more time to prepare for the IELTS. Why? Because you’ll need to do more than merely preparing for a test — you’ve got to improve your English.

If your answer is yes, then check out the next section for some advice about how to proceed.

I’m taking the IELTS in one week. How do I study?

So, you’ve decided to take the IELTS in one week! Yeah! 

Here’s what you should do next:

Know what to expect. 
Do some research to understand the format and marking system for the IELTS. You should learn how the skills are divided, what kinds of tasks you’ll need to do, and what the examiner will be looking for. Magoosh’s IELTS blog has a ton of helpful articles to get you informed. Here are some key ones to get you started: The IELTS Format: Four Skills, Four Tests & How is the IELTS Graded?

You will be tested on your speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills. In order to do your very best, you’ll need to get yourself comfortable with doing these things (if you aren’t already/anymore), and you’ll need to do so under the pressure of time. If you practice doing this every day until test day, it’ll feel less daunting. Check out this article on how to prepare for the IELTS in one week and try to follow it as closely as you can.

For more resources on how to get prepared, check out some winners listed here: Best IELTS Resources to Get You Prepared

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