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Chris Lele

Top Five SAT Vocabulary Words


Students see this word and often think of someone named Greg. The only problem is Greg isn’t always gregarious. If Greg happens to be sociable and always hangs out in a group, then you are lucky! Gregarious means sociable, flocking.



Erroneous means wrong. Think of the word error, which is a noun. Let’s make it an adj. by taking off the ‘r’ and adding a ‘neous.’ In addition to sounding academic, and giving off a whiff of snootiness (say it – er-ro-ne-ous), erroneous shows up often on the Reading Comprehension section. Instead of giving you the answer choice (A) wrong, the SAT will put (A) erroneous. In doing so, you can get thrown off and pick an answer that is erroneous.



If you have mixed feelings about something, you are ambivalent. For instance, many of you like going to school. You get to hang out with friends and catch up on the latest gossip. On the other hand, there are tests. Your happy glowing feeling is mixed with one of vague dread. Alas, you are ambivalent.



A person who is big-hearted and does not like to hold grudges is magnanimous. Magna- means big and anim- means spirit or life.



For many the very word itself is arcane. If something is arcane very few know about. An arcane field of knowledge is one closed off to the majority of people. Quantum physics, rocket science (literally) and – at least for the majority of high school students – many of the words you will see test day.

Of course you can control this last part – so stayed tuned for more vocabulary posts from Magoosh! And in the meantime, take a look at other common SAT words.

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