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The Redesigned SAT

Redesigned SAT

The SAT Changed!

As of the March 5, 2016 exam, the SAT is completely redesigned, revamped, refurbished… you get it.

The differences between the former SAT and the newly redesigned SAT are many and varied. The essay is optional (!!), the best score is 1600, vocabulary is no longer at the forefront, the verbal and math sections test new content in new ways, and – my favorite – you no longer lose points for getting a question wrong. Rejoice!

Luckily, we have a lot of information about how the new SAT has changed and we know how to help you prepare for it. Magoosh even offers New SAT Prep with hundreds of lessons, practice questions, and helpful tutor support.

So, is the new SAT be easier or harder? Is it more fair? We have some thoughts. Read the posts below, and take some time to meet the new SAT.

The New SAT


Redesigned SAT


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