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  • ACT English Tips: Adding or Deleting Sentences | Video Post

    Here’s a sure-fire trick for answering those ACT English questions that ask whether or not a sentence or phrase should be added or deleted!

  • ACT Scores for Ivy League Schools

    In this episode, we take a look at the average ACT scores of admitted students at the prestigious Ivy League, including composite scores and writing scores.

  • ACT Reading Strategy: Vocabulary in Context Questions

    On every ACT Reading test, you’ll find a few questions that fall into the category the ACT calls “Meaning of Words,” or what is often referred to as “Words in Context.” This episode of TuesdACT is all about the perfect strategy to get this question type right.

  • ACT Scores of Famous People

    Ever wonder how your ACT scores compare to the scores of celebrities? Check out the video; the answer may surprise you!

  • ACT Essay vs New SAT Essay

    There were big changes this year to both the ACT essay and SAT essay. In this episode of TuesdACT, we’re comparing both essays. Want to find out which essay is going to be better for you?

  • TuesdACT: How to Make an ACT Cheat Sheet

    If you’ve checked out my tips for the day before the test, you’ll know that I am a huge fan of making an ACT Cheat Sheet. Not the kind of cheat sheet you are going to peek at during the test! Definitely DO NOT do that! Rather, it’s a sheet of last minute reminders for you to review the night before and the morning of the ACT before you enter the test center.

  • TuesdACT: Tips for the Day Before the ACT Test

    So it’s the night before the ACT, and you are not feeling totally ready. Or maybe you are totally ready, but you’re just feeling totally nervous. Or maaaybe you slacked a little bit, and now you are trying to cram in whatever you can before the test tomorrow. In this video, you’ll find some tips for a few things you can do within a couple hours to greatly improve your odds of a successful test day.

  • TuesdACT Video: How to Have a Great ACT Test Day

      We’ve all had really bad days, and we all hope these really bad days are not going to overlap with really important days: graduation, prom, driver’s license tests, and, of course, ACT test day. Things are likely never going to be exactly as you envisioned on test day, but you can help minimize the […]