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Hey sophomores! It’s time to celebrate: you’re no longer the “frosh” on the frosh/soph team! You know where your classes are, and you’re finally getting the hang of high school! Freshman year was so exciting. Everything was new and different, and that was probably pretty fun. But the sophomore slump is real. Now, the newness of high school has worn off a bit. At the same time, high school is much more rigorous than middle school was, and now you’re expected to juggle more classes and extracurricular activities, start thinking about college, and be more academically independent. You need to maintain/improve upon your grades from freshman year, start to prepare for the ACT and SAT, and make sure you’re on track to get into honors and AP courses junior year. It can seem overwhelming, but sophomore year is the time to start really thinking about the future. We know you can do it! And if you need some advice on how to juggle it all, well, you’re in the right place. :)

SAT Subject Tests – Sophomore Year!

There are no SAT tests sophomore year right? Sophomore year is golden time before the madness of junior year, surely. Right? No really, right? Unfortunately, not right. SAT subject tests are the little known college application requirement you should take as early as sophomore year. What are SAT Subject Tests? SAT Subject tests are additional […]

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High Schooler’s Guide to Spending Your Summer Wisely

“Oh, lord,” you groan. “Now, this blogger’s gonna tell me to be—shudder—productive this summer.” I wish I could tell you that you’re wrong… …But I can’t. Summer is an awesome time to have fun, but it’s also such a vital period for tons of programs and activities and volunteer gigs that your mind will positively […]

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How to Study Online Without Getting Distracted

When you want to study for the SAT online, the internet becomes your best friend and your worst enemy. Yes, you have access to wonderful resources all in one place, from the comfort of your own home. But, oh the temptation to procrastinate!! You know what I’m talking about. You go online to check Facebook […]

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