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SAT Subject-Verb Agreement Quiz

Before you start, you may want to read the Writing Essentials Subject-Verb Agreement post. If you feel you ‘got it’, then have a go at these five questions. They are not easy, so good luck!   1. The number of Americans living in rural areas have decreased (A) to unprecedented levels, with (B)most farmers saying that their days (C)in […]

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Illogical Comparisons on the SAT Writing Section

You’ve most likely heard the phrase never compare apples to oranges. This is definitely true on SAT Writing section. So if an answer choice compares two unlike things, then it is incorrect.   For instance, look at the following sentence: Mike’s test score was better than Sally. In this example, we are comparing Mike’s test […]

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SAT Grammar: Semicolons

Semicolons are the bane of many a student on the SAT. As soon as they see one they think run-on sentence or verbiage. The SAT definitely plays on this fear by including many correct answers in the Identifying the Error portion of the Writing Section. Below, I’ve included a few useful tips and examples to […]

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Idioms on the SAT: Writing Practice Questions

Oh those SAT idioms – the bane of every SAT test taker. Yes, it is true.  Even those who have an ear for the proper idioms often find the rest of the writing section a breeze. While there is no one way to master idioms, a combination of approaches should help. One approach is practice […]

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