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The SAT’s Favorite Idioms

I love logic; the SAT loves logic. If you like logic, you too might love the SAT (though you might be as logical as Socrates and think the SAT is a bunch of crock). So, how, then, is it that something as arbitrary and illogical as the DMV cuing system has made its way upon […]

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Top Ten Online Tools to Improve Your SAT Writing Score

There are tons of great resources out there as you study for the SAT! The SAT Writing section can be difficult to study for—especially the essay section. Here are tons of online tools you can use to set you on that road to your ideal score!   1) Writer’s Digest Writer’s Digest has tons of […]

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SAT Writing – Conditional Tense

The conditional tense is rarely tested on the SAT, and usually when it is, the answer jumps out at you because it just sounds weird. An easy way to think of the conditional tense is as the “if” tense. It describes something that hasn’t happened but that could happen. Take a look: 1) If I […]

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SAT Writing – Idioms

Just as idioms lack any justification for the way they are constructed so too do idiomatic phrases. For instance, I just used a common idiomatic phrase (Just as…so too; see below). In other words, certain phrases contain certain words and prepositions. To give you example, let’s take the most common SAT idiomatic phrase (not only…but […]

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How Hard is SAT Writing?

High schoolers across the country need a strong score on the SAT to boost their college applications. For some students, the writing section worries them the most. With 30% of the writing score based on a timed essay and 70% based on multiple-choice writing questions, students wonder, “How hard is the SAT writing? Will this […]

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SAT “Identifying Sentence Error” Writing Multiple Choice

You get two writing multiple choice sections on the SAT. One of those two is a short section—only ten minutes and 14 questions—and is made up entirely of Improving Sentence questions. The other one is longer and has all three types of writing multiple choice questions. That 25 minute section is the bulk of where […]

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SAT Identifying Sentence Errors Practice Questions

The questions below are examples of “identifying sentence error” questions, which show up in the long writing multiple choice section of the SAT. There are 18 of this SAT question type, altogether, out of a total of 49 scored writing multiple choice problems. While you do these practice questions, remember that you don’t need to […]

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SAT Identifying Sentence Errors Answers and Explanations

Let’s go through the answers to those identifying sentence error questions. Remember that this isn’t just about checking whether or not you got the right answers. It’s about understanding how you should get there. When you take the SAT, you should analyze each underlined section in a different way, depending on what part of the […]

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SAT Improving Paragraphs: Answers and Explanations

Let’s look at the answers to those improving paragraphs questions.  Explanation 1 The problem: There’s a redundancy issue here. “In general” and “for the most part” mean the same thing, so using them both in a sentence—especially right next to each other—is awkward and totally unnecessary. Whenever possible, the SAT prefers shorter, clearer ways of […]

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SAT Improving Paragraphs Practice Questions

Here’s some practice with SAT improving paragraphs questions. Remember not to spend too much time reading the passage—you only need to get the gist of it. After you skim it, use the questions to guide you through the reading passage to the pieces you should be focusing on. Remember to watch for common SAT grammar […]

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