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How Hard Is SAT Vocabulary, Really?

If you haven’t taken any practice SATs or done much in the way of prep, you might not realize what, exactly, you’re getting into. SAT vocab is totally nuts. There will be words on the test that you’ve never seen or heard. I mean it. Oh, you read a lot? And you think you have […]

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Megalo-mnemonical SAT Vocab: Words that Sound like Food

It’s too bad that you’re not allowed to eat during the SAT, right? Okay, so maybe four hours isn’t exactly an eternity to go without food, especially when you can (and should) have a little snack during the breaks, but it’d be nice to have a more relaxed atmosphere like that. Anyway, if you’re hungry, […]

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Top Five Confusing SAT Words

With thousands of words to memorize, the SAT often leads to students to jumble up words in their heads. It’s hard to separate the most common SAT words from the no-shows on test day. And it’s hardly their faults—the English language is consists of many words that either look and/or sound very similar. See if […]

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