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SAT Math: The Fundamental Counting Principle

Knowing this rule–or principle as it is called–will make certain questions on the SAT much, much easier. Before I tell you the rule though, let’s take a look at the following scenario. Jane has white socks, red socks, and black socks (she must be a baseball fan!). Additionally, she has four different shoes: tennis, basketball, […]

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SAT Reading Comprehension – The Dual Passage

So here’s the skinny: there will always be two sets of dual passages, one short (35-30 lines total) and one medium to very long (60-90 lines). What exactly is a dual passage? Well, just as its name implies it is a set of two passages written on a similar topic. The passages usually do not […]

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SAT Critical Reading – Vocabulary In Context

A very common question on the reading passages is the vocabulary-in-context question. Students also tend to make a very common error on these question types: matching up the answer choice with the words in quotation marks. Let me show you how this works. As it appears in the passage, the word “heralded” most nearly means […]

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Preparing for the SAT as a Non-Native English Speaker

Preparing for the SAT as a Non-Native Speaker If English isn’t your first language, then you have an extra challenge when taking the SAT. The test is hard enough for native speakers. Coming from a different language, it might seem impossible. Applying to U.S. colleges and aiming to study in America is ambitious in the […]

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SAT Squirrel Makes Studying Fun

The SAT is inherently not fun. That was never the test makers intention. They didn’t choose fun passages for you to read and there are no silly math problems. But that doesn’t mean that studying for the SAT needs to be boring and drab like the test. Right, Mr. SAT Squirrel? The exact opposite it […]

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How to Relax for the SAT

“I could do better on the SAT if I didn’t lose focus so easily” “I could remember more if I weren’t so stressed.” Do these sentiments sound familiar?  It seems our electronically driven culture recognizes two basic human energy states —- manic and stressed while on task, and then completely blitzed and unfocused afterward.  Popular […]

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How to Skip SAT Questions

Unlike the former SAT, the new SAT DOES NOT have a penalty for wrong answers! Rejoice! What does that mean for your SAT guessing strategy? Well, for starters, you should never leave an answer blank. Let’s discuss…

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How Many Practice SATs Should I Take?

Although it’s indispensable for SAT prep, The Official SAT Study Guide from the College Board isn’t complete on its own… it really needs to be supplemented with more in depth lessons and explanations of questions. You can get that from us at Magoosh (or elsewhere), along with a healthy dose of more personalized practice, which […]

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Reading SAT Fiction Passages

On every SAT, there’s one long fiction passage. It’s usually the longest individual reading passage on the test (which means about 75-100 lines). You might get a shorter fiction passage at only 50 or 60 lines long, but that’s less common. The SAT likes relatively recent fiction, but it’s not unheard of to see something […]

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