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The 5 Worst Things that Can Happen During Your SAT

Hey, who doesn’t enjoy revelling in a little bit of horror every now and then? Disasters, or even just near disasters are mesmerizing… Right? So here’s a relatively productive way (*shudder*) to run through all your worst nightmares…well, your worst nightmares for your SAT, as least. We’re not going to delve into the dreams this […]

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Choosing Between Two Answer Choices on the SAT

If you’ve ever taken an SAT class and gotten to the reading passages, you’ve probably heard someone say it before; you may have even said it yourself. This common refrain goes something like this: I narrow it down to two answers, and I always choose the wrong one. As a teacher, I might find it […]

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How to Stay Focused During the SAT

There are tons of tips on how to prepare for the SAT before test day, but what about when you actually enter the test room? Staying sharp and focused during the exam is an art in itself, and it can make quite a big difference in your score. A clear and concentrated mind is less […]

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10 Things That Are Ruining Your SAT Practice

Are you getting the most out of your SAT prep time? Or are you going to spend hours and hours preparing for your test and see no improvement in your score because you’re making one of these simple mistakes? These are the top ten most common problems I’ve seen in my SAT students in the […]

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How to Study SAT Critical Reading

  A Quick Anecdote First, I should mention that this story is a bit tweaked for dramatic effect (read: not completely true), but the main point of the story is untainted by the details I’m adding. A few years ago, I was working with class of around ten SAT students through a difficult reading comprehension passage […]

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May 3rd Approaches! 5 Tips to Survive the SAT

It’s down to the wire, ladies and gentlemen. If you’re signed up for the SAT this Saturday (May 3rd), you should have started studying…exactly 30 days ago. But, I was in high school once. I know how it is: you add SAT prep to your calendar, you stroll down to the public library down to […]

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Take Two: What To Do When Taking the SAT the Second Time Around

Some students need a trial run to understand just how challenging the SAT really is. Taking the SAT a second time is just fine, as long as you learn from past mistakes. Ali Sewalt, from NextStepU.com, is here with some helpful advice. When it comes to standardized testing like the SAT & ACT, testing twice […]

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Best Strategies for SAT Reading Comprehension

Below you’ll find a list of the absolute best SAT Reading tips out there to help you crush the new SAT, starting with our top 5 strategies for the test. Keep reading on for our advice on how to avoid common wrong answers on the SAT, special tips for the vocabulary in context questions, and […]

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[Video Post] SAT Scoring and Pacing

In these last several pages, you’ve probably learned several surprising facts (and I’m not just talking about the fact that someone would actually name a bunch of smart kids “termites”, after “Term”an, of course). Not to be outdone on the “surprise index” is the following tidbit: every question on the SAT is worth the same […]

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