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How to Teach the SAT

It’s funny, really. We ask a lot of our high-school teachers’ qualifications—graduate degrees, certifications, and thorough background knowledge on a subject, to name a few—but what hoops do SAT teachers and tutors have to jump through? The primary qualification you’ll see most prep companies and tutors touting is high scores. There’s no certification, no minimum […]

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Two Weeks Before Your SAT

What should you do if you have about two weeks left until your test day? There’s a lot to cover, and there’s not much time to do it in, so you’re going to have to be smart about how you tackle SAT prep at this point. If you haven’t been studying the test at all […]

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SAT Book Review – The College Board Book (1st Edition)

Everybody has heard of the Bible. For Christians it is the one book that matter most; indeed, it is the only book that really matters. This powerful connection is used more broadly to refer to any book that is the one book you’ve got to own for whatever field it is you are studying. As […]

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