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New SAT Video: High Utility Academic Words Part II

  SAT Vocabulary: High-Utility Academic Words Part II (Letter A) Click here for Part I of this video series! What is high utility? Basically, words that you need to know for college. In fact you may even know these words. You might not know, however, how to define them. And I don’t mean, “uh, it […]

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Pacing for the New SAT Reading Test

We won’t beat around the bush. There’s a lot to read on the new SAT Reading test. And if you aren’t careful with balancing your time between reading and question answering, you very well might find yourself in a panic when the proctor announces 5 minutes left. So let’s talk about how you can learn […]

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The New SAT Reading Literature Passage

On every New SAT exam, there’s one fiction passage from “U.S. or World Literature” (yeah, that does basically mean anything in the world, as long as it’s written in English). The literature passage is the first passage in the Reading Section. Let’s discuss!

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