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How to Find the Main Ideas in SAT Reading Passages

SAT reading passages can be a little hard to pick apart. They’re not light reading, and you probably won’t have any real interest in the topic. And they’re full of detail, a lot of which ends up being pretty unnecessary for the questions. It’s true that there are lots of questions that ask about specific […]

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“Primary Purpose” Questions in SAT Reading

Your SAT reading comp sections will include a few questions that look something like this: The primary purpose of this passage is to Or this: The authors overall tone could best be described as And in order pick the right answers for these big-picture questions, you need to zoom out. There are a lot of […]

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Inference Questions on SAT Reading Comprehension

Here’s a good SAT vocabulary word for you: infer. If you don’t already know what it means, go look it up. I’ll wait here. There’s a decent chance that it’ll show up on your SAT, and not even in a sentence completion. It might show up in a SAT Reading Comprehension question about a passage. […]

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Staying Focused on Long SAT Reading Passages

Note: This post has been updated to reflect changes to the SAT beginning in March 2016 (aka the “New” SAT). Have you ever found yourself reading the same sentence or paragraph over and over? It doesn’t have to be when you’re going through something as dry as an SAT reading passage; it might even happen […]

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SAT Reading Comprehension Question Type: Direct Reference

In the previous installments, we took apart a reading comprehension passage. The passage is of medium length, and you will usually get a couple of these on the SAT. Typically, passages of this length have no more than six questions. As this is a tutorial of sorts, I’ve decided to milk the passage for ten […]

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SAT Passage Inference Questions

Inference questions are a tricky bunch. We have to choose the answer that can best be supported by information in the passage. The trick is not falling prey to those answer choices that are somewhat correct, but go a little beyond the information in the passage. Questions typically try to trick us in a variety […]

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SAT Reading Comprehension: Specific Line Reference

The next Reading Comprehension question type is also the most common question type. Introducing: Line reference question. Okay, there is some irony here – there’s no line reference but an xx (no, don’t get the wrong idea). For the blog critical reading passage I didn’t have the nifty little program that allowed me to insert […]

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