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SAT Improving Paragraphs Practice Questions

Here’s some practice with SAT improving paragraphs questions. Remember not to spend too much time reading the passage—you only need to get the gist of it. After you skim it, use the questions to guide you through the reading passage to the pieces you should be focusing on. Remember to watch for common SAT grammar […]

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SAT Critical Reading Mini Practice

How confident are you in your SAT critical reading skills? This passage may not be the most exciting thing to read, but that’ll be true on your SAT, too—that’s not the point! Your goal is to understand the structure, function, and implication of the information you’re given. Take some notes, and don’t forget to refer […]

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Building Your SAT Reading Muscle

Imagine your brain as a group of muscles.  One of these muscles is called the reading muscle. Like any muscle, the reading muscle can very easily become weak and flaccid–if you don’t use it. Now imagine trying to lift 150 pounds over your head. That would take quite a lot of muscle. Reading muscle-wise, the […]

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