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The Point of SAT Paragraph Correction

The questions in SAT Paragraph Correction deviate from the rest of SAT Writing. The SAT throws out a big chunk of text, requiring you to mentally switch gears. Rather than obsessing over the individual components of sentences and tweaking them (like in Sentence Correction and Error ID), you’re now looking at a whole piece of […]

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SAT Improving Paragraphs: Answers and Explanations

Let’s look at the answers to those improving paragraphs questions.  Explanation 1 The problem: There’s a redundancy issue here. “In general” and “for the most part” mean the same thing, so using them both in a sentence—especially right next to each other—is awkward and totally unnecessary. Whenever possible, the SAT prefers shorter, clearer ways of […]

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SAT Improving Paragraphs Practice Questions

Here’s some practice with SAT improving paragraphs questions. Remember not to spend too much time reading the passage—you only need to get the gist of it. After you skim it, use the questions to guide you through the reading passage to the pieces you should be focusing on. Remember to watch for common SAT grammar […]

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