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The SAT’s Favorite Idioms

I love logic; the SAT loves logic. If you like logic, you too might love the SAT (though you might be as logical as Socrates and think the SAT is a bunch of crock). So, how, then, is it that something as arbitrary and illogical as the DMV cuing system has made its way upon […]

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SAT Writing – Idioms

Just as idioms lack any justification for the way they are constructed so too do idiomatic phrases. For instance, I just used a common idiomatic phrase (Just as…so too; see below). In other words, certain phrases contain certain words and prepositions. To give you example, let’s take the most common SAT idiomatic phrase (not only…but […]

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“Oblivious to” and “Oblivious of” SAT Idioms for the Critical Reading Section

Do you know your SAT idioms? Here is one you definitely do NOT want to be unmindful of. First though, take a hack at the following question and see if you can answer it correctly.   The crowd remained oblivious of the fire, and only moved out of the way when A               B                  C they […]

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Idioms on the SAT: Writing Practice Questions

Oh those SAT idioms – the bane of every SAT test taker. Yes, it is true.  Even those who have an ear for the proper idioms often find the rest of the writing section a breeze. While there is no one way to master idioms, a combination of approaches should help. One approach is practice […]

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