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SAT Video Friday – An Equilateral Nightmare

Oh, the dread ratio. Especially on geometry questions! How dare they not give us numbers!? Actually, sometimes ratios can make things easier. The same goes for percents. If you are only looking for the percent by which one thing is bigger than another, the actual numbers don’t matter. Just choose easy-to-work-with number(s). The ratio of […]

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Big Ideas of SAT Coordinate Geometry

This is Mike McGarry, Magoosh’s GMAT Expert. As you may know, the GMAT is the entrance exam for business school. Believe or not, folks studying to be the business leaders of tomorrow don’t necessarily know any more math that you do! You see, some folks get to the end of whatever their last required math […]

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SAT Video Friday – Mr. Right Triangle

Always pay attention to the level of difficulty of a question, which you can figure out based on how close to the end of the section a question is. If it is just seems way too easy, it might very well be a trap. So watch out for the first thing that jumps out at […]

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SAT Video Friday: A Radical Cube

Every now and then you’ll see a cube on the SAT in which a dotted line connects vertices on other ends of the cube. Your job is to find that line. This usually requires that you have to use the Pythagorean theorem twice (talk about cumbersome!). Luckily, I’m here to the rescue. When ever you […]

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SAT Math Friday: Extreme Triangles

Every now and then, the SAT uses a property of triangles that throws most for a loop. I like to call these triangles “Extreme Triangles”. So let’s imagine an isosceles right triangle. Remove the hypotenuse and you’ll get two line segments that meet at a right angle. Now, take the vertical segment and pull it […]

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[redirected] SAT Math Friday – Coordinate Plane Challenge

Every now and then, the SAT gets really diabolical and throws a coordinate geometry question without the coordinate plane. To make matters worse, the question is usually difficult to begin with—even if you had the plane. The key is to translate the information by drawing out a mini-coordinate plane. Remember, this is a timed test, […]

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SAT Geometry

About a quarter of SAT math problems need some geometry skills to be solved, and most of those ask you to use geometry knowledge alone. So you could say that getting all of the geometry questions right would earn you about 150 points on the test, although if you’re wondering how to calculate SAT scores), […]

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3D Geometric Objects in SAT Math

Quick: how do you find the volume of a cylinder? Do you know the formula? The SAT will give it to you at the beginning of each math section, along with some other geometric facts, but you should know them anyway. At least, you should be familiar with how you get those formulas.   Start […]

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SAT Geometry: Angle Diagram Questions

There will be a number of times on your SAT when you’ll be asked to find the measurement of an angle or angles, but you’ll be given a picture with only a bit of information on it. In these questions, the SAT makers are testing you on your ability to move information around a figure. […]

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SAT Math Basics – Triangles

What you need to know about triangles on the SAT is nowhere near as much as you probably learned in high school. Remember law of cosines? Exactly, most people do not. But the law of cosines, and just about every thing else from trigonometry, is not tested on the SAT. Ahh…I think I just heard […]

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