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Extra Curriculars: College v. High School

There’s something of a precedent set for how to “succeed” in high school extra curriculars. Step 1: sign up for everything. Step 2: somehow attend all of the meetings (spoiler alert: you won’t be able to). Step 3: try to run for president of all of them because that’s what’s “expected” if you want a […]

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College v. High School: Class Environment

It occurred to me (as I was fighting sleep in Gen Chem on Monday morning…) how utterly ignorant I was beforehand about the differences between college and high school class environments. (About the differences between college and high school everything, for that matter). Consequently, this marks the first piece within a developing series that will […]

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6 Ways to Start the School Year

School is right around the corner for many of us (sigh) and getting into back-to-school mode can be quite a challenge. Nobody wants to think about going back to school, especially when it’s coming up so fast, but ignoring it will only make the transition more difficult in the long run. Here are 6 ways […]

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