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One Month ACT Study Schedule

{{Privy:Embed campaign=1239640}} So you have one month until your ACT test date, and you are ready to commit to some serious studying. You’re aiming for scores that demonstrate your highest potential—Average ACT scores just won’t cut it. Sound like you? Then check out the One Month ACT Study Plan below! If you follow this plan, […]

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How to Guess on the ACT | Video Post

The April 2019 ACT test date is coming up next Saturday, and if you’re planning on taking the exam you may be getting a little nervous! But don’t worry–although most of your ACT prep is probably now behind you, there are a few test-taking hacks you can still add to your toolkit. In this video, […]

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ACT Last Minute Tips: What to Bring on Test Day | Video Post

With the February 2019 ACT test date approaching, now’s the time to go over last minute ACT tips—and we’re here to help you make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible on your big day! In this video, Magoosh’s ACT expert Kat will review the 10 things you should definitely bring with you on the […]

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ACT Tips and Tricks

Is there a magic set of ACT tips and tricks that will bring your score up to a perfect 36 overnight? Unfortunately…no. (But you probably already knew that.) On the other hand: Is there a set of ACT tips and tricks that you can use to significantly boost your score—possibly as high as a 36? […]

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How to Get a 23 Score on the ACT

If you’re a high school student contemplating your future, you’re probably wondering what ACT score you should aim for. In this post, we’ll look in particular at how to get a 23 score on the ACT. Why 23? If you’re hoping to attend college, a 23 score is high enough that your post-high school dreams […]

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