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TuesdACT Video: How to Have a Great ACT Test Day

  We’ve all had really bad days, and we all hope these really bad days are not going to overlap with really important days: graduation, prom, driver’s license tests, and, of course, ACT test day. Things are likely never going to be exactly as you envisioned on test day, but you can help minimize the […]

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The ACT: A History Lesson

All you Magooshers are becoming familiar with how to conquer the ACT: its format, its timing, its array of questions. But how much do you know about the origins of the ACT- or what it even stands for? Time for a pop quiz!   The Origin of the ACT Prior to 1959, the SAT (the […]

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Has the Format of the ACT Science Test Changed?

Our students have been reporting that, on both the February and April 2015 tests, the ACT Science format was not at all what they expected. To be clear, the ACT Science format has always been standard in that it contains three types of passages: Data Representation, Research Summaries, and Conflicting Viewpoints. However, recently test-takers have […]

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Tricksy Little Questionses: How the ACT Tests Vocabulary with Jargon

What comes to mind when you see the phrase “SAT word”? Probably some difficult, maybe even abstruse, word that you’ve never seen before and will probably never actually use. “Abstruse” might even be a good example (but it’s an adjective meaning “difficult to understand,” in case you ever need it). You may be thinking, though, […]

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How Hard is the ACT?

Difficulty is a relative term. On a difficulty scale that ranges from learning your ABC’s to building a space shuttle, the ACT test probably ranks about here: Compared to your ABC’s and a typical state standardized test, the ACT probably ranks about here: Of course, this is just an illustration. For some people, learning the […]

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How Long Should I Study for the ACT?

What a great question. I know some students who have been preparing for college admissions tests since sixth grade. I also know students who don’t think about them until their mom flashes the lights on and off to force them out of bed the morning of the test. (You’ll thank her later.) But if you […]

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Common ACT Mistakes

If I had a nickel for every time a student hit his or her forehead and exclaimed, “Aaah! That was a stupid mistake!” I’d have….a lot of nickels. Preferably handed to me by a tiny mouse. Unlike this tiny mouse, making mistakes on the ACT is not so cute. Nothing is more frustrating than knowing […]

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SAT Vocab Crossword 5

Take a break from your reading and flashcards to review words that you are bound to see on the SAT. In this crossword, the clues are the parts of speech and definitions for the words. You will find a word list at the bottom to help. If you want to know the answer to a […]

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10 Tips for Smooth-Sailing on ACT Test Day

1) Use the answer choices on the ACT Math Test If you can’t figure out how to set up the algebra to solve, using an ACT Math strategy like plugging in can definitely lead to better scores. Use the answer choices to your advantage, trying each one out, by backsolving, then looking for the choice […]

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