When Will March New SAT Scores Be Out?

You just got done taking the SAT! Wooo! Hopefully your teachers didn’t give you a lot of homework to fill up the rest of your weekend. But now comes the waiting game, where pretty soon you’ll feel like…


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Don’t fret. You’re not the only one who’s worried about their SAT results. The first thing to know is when the March SAT scores will be out. Here’s the answer:

March 2016 SAT Scores Will Be Out May 10th, 2016

In this article I will discuss the scoring process, the long wait, and what next steps you might want to consider even before you see your scores.

Why such a long wait?

Your SAT answer sheets just don’t disappear into a magical hole when you finish the test. They’re boxed up with the dozens of other tests from your testing center and sent to a processing center where LOTS AND LOTS of test arrive in the days after your test date. It looks a little something like this:

March SAT Scores -Magoosh

The SAT processing center, where ‘top men’ will score your test.

Now scanning those multiple choice questions doesn’t take a whole lot of time, but you know what does? Scoring essays. You see, two people will read your essay and give it a score. Add those two scores together and you get your essay score. When everybody’s essay has been scored, the results are released all at once.

Also, because the new SAT Essay made its debut in March, the College Board is giving themselves a little extra time to make sure the scoring is right. You don’t want them to mess up, do you?

It’s May 10th! What do I do?

Well, as you’re reading this online, I assume you will have internet access on May 10th. Log in to your CollegeBoard account and your results will be there!

But there is a small chance that you’ll log in and….

My SAT scores are delayed!?

Though the chances of this are slim, there is still a teeny tiny chance that you’ll have to wait just a bit longer for your scores. Why? Well, if you made a mistake in filling out the personal information on your answer sheet, SAT will have to do a little leg work to make sure you get your scores. If your scores happen to be delayed, you shouldn’t have to wait more than an extra week.

What can I do during the wait?

Besides doing your best in all your classes and being a leader in extracurricular activities? Well, it’s time to consider what you want to do with those scores. If you felt that you aced the SAT, you have ten days from the test date to sent results to colleges/scholarship opportunities for free. After that there’s a small fee.

Also, if you aced a certain SAT section on a previous test, you can send that section’s results to colleges/scholarships using SAT’s Score Choice.

Don’t worry about the wait too much, SAT scholars. You’re in good company!


  • Thomas Broderick

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