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Kevin Rocci

SAT Vocab Crossword 4

Studying new vocab can wear on the senses. That’s why it’s important to vary your practice. A crossword is a perfect for this task. Not a way to learn words, but a great tool for reviewing.

In this crossword, the clues are the parts of speech and definitions for the words. You will find a word list at the bottom to help. If you want to know the answer to a row or column, leave a comment with the number and the word you think works, and I’ll let you know if you are right.

These words are from our SAT Flashcard Deck which you can download on your Android or iPhone. We also have a web version.

SAT Vocab Crossword 3 - Common Words - puzzle

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1. adjective: abusing vocally; expressing contempt or ridicule
5. adjective: originating in a certain area
7. adjective: made less hopeful or enthusiastic
10. adjective: difficult to handle or use especially because of size or weight
12. adjective: characterized by directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion
13. noun: a lack of something
14. noun: a disease or sickness



1. noun: lack of agreement or harmony
2. noun: a confusing mixture or jumble
3. adjective: avoiding or escaping from difficulty or danger or commitment; adjective: deliberately vague or ambiguous
4. noun: a deep, long-lasting sadness
6. adjective: marked by complexity and richness of detail; verb: explain in more detail
8. adjective: marked by excessive complacency or self-satisfaction
9. verb: reach a conclusion after a discussion or deliberation
11. verb: to hold back or limit the flow or growth of something


Word List


The crossword puzzle was created with the help of Discovery Education’s Puzzlemaker Tool.

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