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Chris Lele

SAT Vocabulary Monday – On the Money


The first part of this word is ‘spend’, so it should come as no surprise that a spendthrift is a person who likes to spend lots of money.


English is very confusing. Based on the last word, you’d think being thrifty is splurging whenever you can. Well, it’s actually the opposite. A person who is thrifty wisely spends his or her resources.


I know, you are thinking a fat baby in diapers. But this cupid is a lot different. He’s all about money, love be damned. Both words are derived from the Latin for “to desire”, but I guess it says a lot about our times that the word cupidity is solely used to describe excessive desire for money.


Whether or not you have money, if you spend lots of it, wasting every cent on unimportant stuff, you are prodigal. There is a story from the Bible called the prodigal son. It’s about a boy who can’t wait for his inheritance so he asks his dad to split the estate between his older brother and him.

As soon as this happens, the prodigal son (the younger one) hightails it to some Las Vegas-like locale, and lives extravagantly, wasting all his money. To make a long story short, he comes back home after losing all the money and asks his dad forgiveness (which, he surprisingly grants).

Prodigal doesn’t have anything to do with spending your parent’s money. It just means wasting any of the money that you happen to have.

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