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Chris Lele

SAT Vocab Monday: Words from College Board’s Question of the Day


The SAT College Board website has a question of the day function. Basically, you can do an SAT question each day, one that was written by the test creators and one that isn’t currently in any other resources. Talk about fresh off the press! (Okay, it’s actually not that cool).

The words below were taken from Sentence Completion questions that had shown up in the last few weeks.


Something that announces or foretells the coming of another thing is a harbinger. Harry Potter’s owl is a harbinger of the beginning of the school year, because it brings him a message detailing when the school year is going to begin.

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I’m totally sneezing…it must be allergy season = harbinger of spring

Look at those crazy looking gray clouds the size of pregnant whales = harbinger of rain


This word comes from the Latin for footprint, and if you’ve ever seen a footprint on the beach that makes perfect sense. A vestige is a trace of something, just as your footprint is a trace of yourself.

There were vestiges of last night’s party—empty potato chips packets, etc.—that the children quickly cleaned up before their parents came back.


If you are famous because of your notable achievements, you are illustrious.

Illustrious scientist = Albert Einstein
Illustrious author = F. Scott Fitzgerald
Illustrious musician = Mozart

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My kitchen floor can gather lots of crumbs and other weird things in very short time (I like to cook). I would not call my kitchen pristine. But when the cleaning service comes and makes the floor sparkle, it is so pristine that I could eat off of it. (Well, that means eating whatever yummy stuff goes into all those cleaning agents.)

Pristine also implies something is unspoiled, e.g. the pristine wilderness of Alaska.

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