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Chris Lele

SAT Vocab Monday: Words Ending in ‘O’


There aren’t too many words in English that end in ‘o’, fewer of which are actually SAT words. But I have been able to lasso (notice that ‘o’) a few vocabulary words you might see test day.


From the Greek for glory, kudos isn’t pluralized (there is no such thing as a kudo!). Today, it has lost its grander connotation of glory and means simply praise or plaudits. When you do well on a test (let’s hope this applies to the SAT), your parents or teachers will likely offer you kudos, saying good job.

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When we travel, we like to pick up little souvenirs or knick-knacks. But I’m not just talking about some cheesy shirt saying “I Left My Heart in San Francisco”; I’m talking about a bona fide curious item. Speaking of San Francisco, if you visit the Chinatown there you’ll be sure to find all sorts of little hard-to-find items.


If it’s the first time you trying something out, let’s say Scrabble, you’d be described as a tyro. If you are starting out with SAT prep and are just learning all the new words that the SAT has to throw at you, then you are a SAT vocabulary tyro. The opposite of a tyro is an expert.


From the Latin for ‘sin’ (pecca-) and the Spanish for ‘small’ (dillo-), a peccadillo is just that: a small sin. Not doing your homework for one night—as long as there is no test the next day—is a peccadillo. Not studying for an entire week is a pecca-grande (don’t worry, there’s no such word!).

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