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Chris Lele

SAT Vocab Monday: Selfie Words

These days we’re all about “me”. What am I thinking, what I am doing, who is paying attention, and how is all of this going to help me. Of course, nothing screams “me” like turning a camera phone on yourself and giving a coy little smile with your arm outstretched.

In a culture awash in “me”, it is highly apt then that we have several words meaning just that.


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If you cannot stop thinking about yourself to the point that you are oblivious of other people’s feelings, then you are likely egocentric. This word is slightly different from egotistical, which means you think you are so much better than everybody else.


To be vain is to take pride in oneself. If you broadcast that vanity for all the world to hear—something you’ll often see people doing on reality TV shows—you are vainglorious: excessively prideful in your own accomplishments.


Think “grande” burrito. It’s really big. So if you self-aggrandize, you make yourself seem bigger and more important than you really are. Many actors and musicians, upon becoming famous, think they can change the world.


Ok, probably not an SAT word, but this is a cool word anyhow. If you think that there is nothing in the universe except for your own awareness of the universe, then you are solipsistic (I know that what somebody who hangs out at the Starbucks ends up saying after their fourth cup of coffee). In other words, a solipsist thinks that the only thing that exists is their mind. If you try to ponder that for too long, though, you might lose your mind.

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Finally, a positive spin on a word focused on the self. To be introspective means that you turn inward and think about your own thoughts and emotions so that you can better understand yourself. Of course, you can be too introspective, something that typically happens when you are alone in the great outdoors for a few hours. Wait, nobody is ever truly alone these days, their cellphone only a pocket away, ready to click yet another selfie.

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