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Chris Lele

SAT Vocab Monday: Jurassic Words


Over the last couple of weeks, a film T-rex-ed its way into cineplexes throughout the country, crushing box office records in its wake. That movie, for those who’ve been hiding under a rock (to escape the pillaging T-rex, perchance), is Jurassic World. In honor of this box office juggernaut, I’ve come up with several SAT vocab words.


Dinosaurs were extinct, until Jurassic World came along and resuscitated them, or brought them back to life. The word resuscitate can be used to describe what somebody does (perhaps a paramedic) to somebody who has passed out. More broadly it can describe anything that has been revived. Acting careers are a perfect example. Matthew McConaughey, anybody?


Old school. Now, I don’t mean like Britney Spears old school, but thousands if not millions of years old. The dinosaurs are an archaic species. Much of the vocabulary from Shakespeare’s time is archaic. And if you have a black and white television at home, I think it be fair to call it archaic.


You’re probably thinking that this word means extinct, because, hey, I’m talking about dinosaurs. But don’t forget that I’m talking about Jurassic World, a movie in which the extinct has been made extant. This word actually means “in existence/still around”. Usually this word is used to describe something really old that still, often surprisingly, happens to be around, e.g. extant manuscripts that Shakespeare actually wrote on.

A fun way to remember this word: Ex(is)tant. That presumably sounds like existent.


Nothing can stop the T-rex when it’s mad. Anything that seems as though it can’t be stopped is inexorable. A hurricane, Floyd Mayweather Jr., bad movie sequels (though Jurassic World isn’t one of them!). Another context is if somebody is set upon their objective and nothing can stop them, that person is inexorable. If you are going to see Jurassic World despite lines that would put the DMV to shame, then you are inexorable.


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