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Chris Lele

SAT Vocab Friday – Ex- Marks the Spot!

Which ones of the following, high-frequency -ex words do you know?



In a sticky situation and can’t get yourself out? Well, then you are unable to extricate or pull yourself out of it.

Winston couldn’t extricate himself from all the homework he had to do, and so was unable to join the others on a ski trip.



Sounds like a big, fancy word. All it means, though, is to explain.

I’m happy I’ve been able to explicate the word explicate.



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Fancy, lavish, overdone? All these are similar words to extravagant. Think of the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton–the fleet of Rolls Royces, the ice sculptures, the majestic castle. Few weddings have been more extravagant.

Though he didn’t make much money, Bill lived an extravagant life, dining at the best restaurants, buying designer suits, and racing exotic sports cars.




If something is not needed because it is extra, it is extraneous.

Since extraneous is an important SAT word, providing an example sentence is not extraneous.



Someone who loves hanging out with people and is always talking to strangers is an extrovert.

Kate is such an extrovert–if she is in a room of strangers it is only a matter of time before she is on a first name basis with everyone.



If something still exists, then it is extant. That’s the opposite of extinct.

Since few extant documents exist from before 500 B.C., it is very difficult to know what these people thought about their worlds.




To go into depth and explain something is to expound upon it.

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She liked to expound on the complexities of the legal system–though few listened for more than a few minutes.



Done something really bad, but you have a good reason? Well, if there are circumstances that make your crime less severe, we call those extenuating circumstances.

The judge did not agree with Harry when the latter cited “extenuating circumstances” for skipping jury duty, reprimanding him, “We all have to work during the day.”



To curse at somebody and express a deep hatred is to execrate them.

Once the nation’s poster boy for athletics, Lance Armstrong is now routinely execrated by the press.  

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